Split Personalities (3)

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Split Personalities
Festival Shard Theater Faire 419
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Container shops
This store only accepts Dokoras

[Split Personalities, Difference of Opinion]
Painted figures cover the walls, the costumed people of all races depicted with more color than talent. What is possibly a Gor'Tog wearing a curling golden wig, a pink bandeau and a matching skirt takes up the whole back wall. A large table sits on a plush orange rug in the center of the room. Hued a bright red, the doorway leads back out.
You also see a large steel table with several things on it, a large wood table with several things on it, a platinum stand with a red gold music box with its gilding flaking to reveal wood corrupted by bone bits on it and a large sign with brightly colored letters.
Obvious exits: none.

On the steel table
Item Price Done
colorfully painted prop case splashed with flame-hued glitter swirls 225,500   
sand-scarred wooden bolt box 90,200   
scalloped seashell belt purse clasped with a giant pearl 90,200   
absinthe green crystal box clasped with a lurid purple triple-tined claw 135,300   !!
bulky treasure chest reinforced with pockmarked iron bands 81,180   
On the wood table
Item Price Done
woven reed basket mottled in grey and brown hues 315,700   
sparkly silver sharkskin duffel bag 180,400   !!
pitch-black medicine satchel with a buckled shoulder strap 288,640   
rose-colored silk pouch wrapped in lengths of darkened silver chain 396,880   
sleek red leather satchel buckled with glitzy rhinestone-covered straps 198,440   !!
On the platinum stand
Item Price Done
red gold music box with its gilding flaking to reveal wood corrupted by bone bits - contains:disturbingly diminutive phalanx crudely carved into a key, alabaster and khor'vela mask with a pyrope icesilk blindfold binding the eyes, immaculate cameo trailed by alabaster faces increasingly desiccated by khor'vela, open-front Bloodworm Comet choker of darkly gleaming red gold and crimson pyrope, daring camocas chest binder diagonally striped with red gold and brass metallics, diaphanous crimson silk voile sari draped over a skimpy golden lipka cotton skirt, and interleaved gold and brass ring with pyrope shards set around an empty collet 4,510,000   
On the large table
Item Price Done
patched kobold-skin carrybag dangling lurid feathers from leather cords 225,500   
fluffy wool workbag shaped like a gamboling sheep 288,640   !!
lacquered teak box enclosing a multitude of drawers and compartments - contains antiqued skeleton key carved out of ivory 586,300   
puffy lipka cotton duffel bag shaped like an oversized star-spotted kitty cat 469,040   !!
snow white aerialist's tote layered with iridescent peacock plumage 72,160   !!