Split Personalities (3)

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Split Personalities
Event Shard Theater Faire 419
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Container shops
This store only accepts Dokoras

[Split Personalities, Difference of Opinion]
Painted figures cover the walls, the costumed people of all races depicted with more color than talent. What is possibly a Gor'Tog wearing a curling golden wig, a pink bandeau and a matching skirt takes up the whole back wall. A large table sits on a plush orange rug in the center of the room. Hued a bright red, the doorway leads back out.
You also see a large steel table with several things on it, a large wood table with several things on it, a platinum stand with a red gold music box with its gilding flaking to reveal wood corrupted by bone bits on it and a large sign with brightly colored letters.
Obvious exits: none.

On the steel table
Item Price Done
colorfully painted prop case splashed with flame-hued glitter swirls - Contains: glittering metallic green key, glittered green-scaled dragon mask, feathery boa constructed from glittered strands of polychromatic silk, pair of tiny gossamer wings dappled in rainbow hues, padded iridescent green-scaled bodysuit displaying a long spiked tail, oversized feet covered in iridescent green scales, bright yellow pinwheel speckled with flame-hued glitter 225,500   
sand-scarred wooden bolt box - Contains: slender tome bound in cracked red leather, aged red leather baldric webbed in spidersilk, iridescent spidersilk kirtle layered over inky black linen, sixteen-strand necklace of polished jet prayer beads, long black spidersilk shroud, alabaster mask with a serene visage, jagged jet black key 90,200   
scalloped seashell belt purse clasped with a giant pearl - Contains: silver key with a pearl-studded grip, pair of coral barrettes shaped like starfish, glistening moonstone jellyfish dangling from a long chain, shimmering silk bandeau dappled with pearls, iridescent green mermaid skirt with watered silk ruffles, shimmering silk-strapped sandals, petite hermit crab draped in seaweed 90,200   
absinthe green crystal box clasped with a lurid purple triple-tined claw - Contains: gilded key with a spiral-shaped handle, beastly mask sculpted from dusky midnight-blue scales, gilt-framed nightmare black sign that reads "I am just SO evil!", pair of deathly black wings tipped with spiked talons, hulking blue-scaled bodysuit featuring a gargantuan spined tail, wickedly curved triple-tined claws, massive blue-scaled feet with gruesome black talons 135,300   !!
bulky treasure chest reinforced with pockmarked iron bands - Contains: crooked skeleton key, salt-stained leather eyepatch, faded black neckerchief patterned with grinning skulls and crossbones, red striped shirt with an open collar and rolled sleeves, pair of ragged sailcloth trousers belted at the waist with a length of rope, weathered driftwood peg-leg, scrawny one-eyed parrot 81,180   
On the wood table
Item Price Done
woven reed basket mottled in grey and brown hues - Contains: carved oak key strung upon a leafy green cord, oak mask carved with a solemn visage, set of gnarled wooden claws tipped with tiny leaves, textured and padded bodysuit painted to resemble tree bark, earthen brown boots twined with verdant leafy vines, series of rose mallow blooms interspersed with tiny thealstone fireflies, tawny grey swamp cat with short tufted ears 315,700   
sparkly silver sharkskin duffel bag - Contains: dark steel key splashed with glitter, oversized shark mask, bulky storm grey bodysuit wrapped in filmy white layers of shark-printed silk, storm grey shroud streaked with narrow bands of silver and black glitter, pair of shiny black galoshes splashed with blood-red glitter, snaggletoothed great white sharks, massive diamond whirlwind pendant strung on a heavy gold chain 180,400   !!
pitch-black medicine satchel with a buckled shoulder strap - Contains: pitted wrought iron key speckled with blood-red rust, beaked plague doctor's mask attached to a wide-brimmed black leather hat, heavy wax-covered canvas longcoat fastened with numerous thin leather straps, wax-covered goatskin hip boots dyed pitch-black, pair of wax-covered goatskin gloves with wide black cuffs, long ivory-handled bamboo cane, scruffy black plague rat with beady red eyes 288,640   
rose-colored silk pouch wrapped in lengths of darkened silver chain - Contains: darkened silver key with a cracked rose-shaped handle, black lace half-mask streaked with dark silver glitter, faded rose-colored dress with a ragged and torn hemline, darkened silver-framed wings shrouded in shimmering wine-red gossamer, darkened silver noose strung with tattered silk rose petals, strand of irregular wine-red garnet beads, silver-dusted fuzzy black marsh wollem 396,880   
sleek red leather satchel buckled with glitzy rhinestone-covered straps - Contains: bright gold key with a silver cloud-shaped grip, pitch-black mask sprinkled with glittering silver raindrops, glossy red overcoat fastened with a row of sparkly rhinestone buttons, puffy dark grey bodysuit fashioned to resemble a fluffy raincloud, glossy red galoshes with flashy rhinestone buckles, pitch-black canvas umbrella dangling dozens of glittering rainbow charms, little black glass rainclouds outlined in silver glitter 198,440   !!
On the platinum stand
Item Price Done
red gold music box with its gilding flaking to reveal wood corrupted by bone bits - contains:disturbingly diminutive phalanx crudely carved into a key, alabaster and khor'vela mask with a pyrope icesilk blindfold binding the eyes, immaculate cameo trailed by alabaster faces increasingly desiccated by khor'vela, open-front Bloodworm Comet choker of darkly gleaming red gold and crimson pyrope, daring camocas chest binder diagonally striped with red gold and brass metallics, diaphanous crimson silk voile sari draped over a skimpy golden lipka cotton skirt, and interleaved gold and brass ring with pyrope shards set around an empty collet 4,510,000   
On the large table
Item Price Done
patched kobold-skin carrybag dangling lurid feathers from leather cords - Contains: rough wooden key suspending a lone crimson feather, six-horned skull headdress twined with bricklebranch twigs, worn leather bandolier balanced with several small flasks of dark liquid, grotesque ribcage corset with an angular pattern burned in along the sternum, two-headed copper snake, ragged reaver-pelt loincloth with jade plates along the waistline, pair of black locust wood ankle wraps with a jackal fur fringe 225,500   
fluffy wool workbag shaped like a gamboling sheep - Contains: frolicsome flock of ivory sheep, white fuzzy sheep slippers with black faces and pink noses, warm winter lambswool dress festooned with exaggerated leg-of-mutton sleeves, slender glass shepherd's flute hand-painted with bucolic scenes, abundantly frilly organdy and tulle bloomers with playful polka-dot sheep, shiny steel sheep-shearing knife, miniature shepherd's crook key 288,640   !!
lacquered teak box enclosing a multitude of drawers and compartments - Contains: jumbled collection of unsorted books, razaksel paper knife with an intricately whittled teak hilt, velvety soft fur breeches, softly pleated librarian's robe with splotchy ink stains on the cuffs and hem, fuzzy grey narwhal slippers bearing twisted ivory tusks, twisted narwhal tusk, antiqued skeleton key carved out of ivory 586,300   
puffy lipka cotton duffel bag shaped like an oversized star-spotted kitty cat - Contains: clowder of sparkling kitties dappled in starry-bright hues, colorful string of cat-shaped worry beads interspersed with tiny crystal stars, plush cat-shaped slippers covered in metallic rainbow glitter,pudgy white cloud shaped like a slumbering kitty, sparkly lipka cotton tights patterned with playful kittens down each leg, oversized moonsilk tunic embellished with a fluffy blue-violet cat on the front, plump star-handled silver key sprinkled with colorful glitter 469,040   !!
snow white aerialist's tote layered with iridescent peacock plumage - Contains: eye mask constructed with tiny plumes that exhibits a colorful crest, ITEM, pair of silk leggings with one white and one blue leg, high-low skirt crafted from the plumage of a peacock, prismatic bandeau tinted to match the feathers of a piebald peacock, pair of polychromatic trapeze boots imprinted with peacock feather eyes, pair of leather arm wraps dyed in the hues of a peacock's train, silvery-white key displaying many teeth 72,160   !!