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Arm wrestling is a trial of strength and stamina in which two people sit opposite each other with one elbow resting on a table, clasp each other's hands, and try to force each other's arm down on to the table. This mini-game can only be done in rooms with a "battered table".

How to Play

Arm wrestling requires two people to play. Both players start by doing GRAB TABLE (if you are in a room with multiple tables, you may need to GRAB OTHER TABLE to select the right one. Both players will be prompted to PUSH TABLE to indicate they are ready to begin. Once the attendance shouts "Go" the game will be played automatically. However, you can add an additional shove of force by occasionally using PULL TABLE. This command is on a several second cooldown, but can be used multiple times.

Prominent Sign

A prominent sign bearing the directions for arm wrestling reads:
"Just GRAB the table and we'll issue the challenge for you.
 Give it a PUSH when ye'r ready to start the match.
 LOOK at the table during the match to see who's winning."


When the first player grabs the table:

<Name> steps up to the battered table, putting <his/her> right elbow down on one of the empty blocks.

An attendant cries out, "Alrighty folks, who will step up and take <name>'s challenge?  Who believes they can best <him/her> in the sport of arm wrestling?"

When the second player grabs the table:

<Name> steps up to the battered table, placing <his/hre> right elbow on the open block.  <Name> grabs <name>'s right hand with <his/her> own.

An attendant steps up to the battered table and places his hands over those of <name> and <name>.  He has a quiet word with them and seems to be waiting for something.

When a player uses PUSH TABLE to indicate they are ready:

<Name> flexes <his/her> fingers, securing <his/her> grip on <name>'s hand, apparently ready for the contest.

If both players do not PUSH TABLE to indicate they are ready to begin:

An attendant cries, "Okay, you all come back when you feel like arm wrestling!"

When a match begins:

The attendant raises his hands and shouts "GO!"

When a match is completed:

With a final surge of strength, <name> pushes <name>'s arm to the table!

Table Locations

  • Crossing Half Pint, Main Saloon
  • Hibarnhvidar Barbarian Guild
  • Togs for Togs festival shop
  • Order of the Dragon Shield Tankard in Riverhaven
  • Theren Guard Headquarters, The Lion's Den Lounge