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Festival Shard's South Bridge Street Faire 411, Shard's South Bridge Street Faire 415, Shard Theater Faire 419
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Clothing shops
This store only accepts Dokoras

Hats and Horns

[Unicornucopia, Hats and Horns]
Dozens of tiny gaethzen animals dangle from the domed ceiling, lighting the area softly. Three low wooden tables display neatly arranged wares from their places along the walls. The center of the room is taken up by a black gold unicorn statue, its form standing proudly upon a platform of glass.
You also see a large exit flap.
Obvious exits: west.

On the blackwood table
Item Price Done
adorable pair of plush panda ears 27,060   !!
jaunty pair of felt cow horns 18,040   
delicate pair of mouse ears made from pink silk 9,020   
glittering ebonwood unicorn horn 45,100   
frosted crystal unicorn horn filled with pure white thealstones 180,400   
comically floppy pair of oversized bunny ears 45,100   
slightly rounded pair of raccoon ears 27,060   
rounded pair of brown bear ears 40,590   
uneven pair of brocket deer antlers 36,080   
tiny black horns 31,570   
tiny white horns 31,570   
tiny gold horns 22,550   
On the boxwood table
Item Price Done
massive pair of thunder ram horns 45,100   
pair of spiraling black antelope horns 49,610   
pair of curving white bull horns with black tips 40,590   
gargantuan goat horns 50,512   
quartet of rusted iron horns 31,570   
On the ebonwood table
Item Price Done
knitted cap of fuzzy white wool topped with rounded panda ears 27,060   
dappled tan wool hat with perky white felt antlers 28,864   
woolly violet hat with a floppy spiral horn 30,668   
soft pink cap with drooping rabbit ears 27,962   
night black hat with silly felt spiders 31,570   
spotted sunset orange hat with cow horns 32,472   
felted brown hat with rounded bear ears 29,766   

Hooves Have It

[Unicornucopia, Hooves Have It]
Draped from the poles more critters formed from gaethzen give soft light to the room. Polished to a sheen, three tables are set up around a central display. Black-hued glass supports the resting figure of a unicorn statue, its shape crafted from white gold. Strands of colorful flowers are wrapped around its neck.

Obvious exits: east.

On the fruitwood table
Item Price Done
matte black steel antelope mask 54,120   
fluffy white bunny mask embellished with antlers 55,924   
mischievously sly raccoon mask 57,728   
fierce lion mask 58,630   
snarling brown bear mask 59,532   
ironwood unicorn mask 61,336   
silverwood unicorn mask 55,924   
smiling panda mask 45,100   
ceremonial stag's skull mask 49,610   
mirthful ram's head mask 40,590   
On the white ironwood table
Item Price Done
well-padded white bodysuit with a panda's distinctive black markings 4,961   
tawny velvet bodysuit with a tufted tail 5,863   
loose-fitting bodysuit crafted from shaggy brown fur 5,592   
soft white velvet bodysuit with black splotches 5,682   
stag's perky white tail 4,059   
jaunty ram's tail hanging from a gold belt set with wine jasper grapes 4,149   !!
silvery antelope tail with black striping 4,329   
luxurious black unicorn's tail crafted from silk 4,510   
pristine white lace unicorn's tail 135,300   
plush white bunny tail 3,247   
fluffy grey tail ringed with black 3,878   
On the linden wood table
Item Price Done
pair of black-furred panda paws 4,510   !!
pair of luxuriant white rabbit feet 4,690   
pair of light grey raccoon paws 4,870   
pair of tawny lion paws 5,412   
pair of fuzzy brown bear paws 5,141   
pair of cloven stag hooves with curved dewclaws 9,020   
pair of white ram's hooves stained with wine 9,922   
pair of even-toed antelope hooves 10,824   
pair of idopun pearl unicorn hooves 45,100   
pair of geshi pearl unicorn hooves 45,100