Bitty Bovines

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Bitty Bovines
Event Shard's South Bridge Street Faire 415, Shard Theater Faire 419
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Food shops, Toy shops
This store only accepts Dokoras

[Bitty Bovines]
Pine panels create the walls and the sloping roof, helping to create the impression of the inside of a very small and clean barn. Shuttered windows are propped open to allow any stray breeze free entry. A tiny corral is set up in the middle of the room and holds a collection of toy cows. Nearby, a large metal milk pail is overflowing with stuffed cows in many colors. A miniature picnic table sits next to the barn door, set with a checkered table cloth and food.
Obvious exits: none.

On the picnic table
Item Price Done
huge bowl of mocha ice cream swirled with a ribbon of dark chocolate 0   
tray of chilled glasses of frothy strawberry milk 0   
crystal bowl filled with a salad of mixed greens and berries drizzled with a creamy poppy seed vinaigrette 0   
simple tray covered with grilled sandwiches overstuffed with five kinds of cheeses 0   
wooden bowl of deep fried green beans drizzled with a creamy hot sauce 0   
In the milk pail
Item Price Done
tipsy ale-brown cow hugging a tankard topped with frothy lace 9,020   
skeletal cow enveloped in a deeply hooded black serge cloak 9,020   
beige cow clad in a blue firesilk vest and matching harem pants 9,020   
fluffy black battle cow garbed in teeny grey cotton loincloth 9,020   
soft brown cow with a honey-hued mane styled in thick ringlets 9,020   
beatifically smiling white cow with shiny gold horns 9,020   
dark gold cow attired in a set of sparkly white plate armor 9,020   
chubby cream-hued cow wearing a flour-dusted apron 9,020   
cocoa brown cow clutching a thick leather-bound tome 9,020   
peony pink cow dressed in a flowing floral-patterned silk kimono 9,020   
A cow-spotted card reads: "The scents nestled within each of these charming dolls is guaranteed to last for a really, really, really, really long time. - Management."

In the toy corral
Item Price Done
tiny rainbow-spotted cow with a curly mane and tail 27,060   
tiny sunrise-hued cow with bright golden hooves 27,060   
tiny dappled cow with large chocolate brown eyes 27,060   
tiny shaggy cow wearing a pair of striped butterfly wings 27,060   
tiny polychromatic cow with an itty bitty pack on its back 27,060   
tiny glittered cow dressed in a sequined bodysuit 27,060   
tiny fluffy cow clutching a stuffed pink bunny 27,060   
A cow-spotted note reads: "Enjoy your very own replica tiny cow! Despite the enchantment on these dolls, we promise that they are not really alive. - Management."