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Rushleel Roquor
Status: Alive
Guild: Barbarian
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Location: Rushleel's Bar (Ranik Map 1d)
Type: shopowner

Rushleel is the Crossing Barbarian Guild bartender.


You see Bartender Rushleel Roquor, a Human Barbarian.
He has heavy laugh lines around his deep-set grey eyes. His thinning grey hair contrasts starkly with his rough, tanned skin.
He is mature for a Human.
He has some light stubble on his face.
He has a tattoo of a clenched fist holding aloft a bloodied sword on his right forearm.

He is holding a cotton rag in his right hand.
He is wearing a stained white linen apron, some simple black leather boots, a dark green linen shirt with rolled-up cuffs and some faded pants.

Conversation Topics

  • AGONAR: Rushleel's face breaks into a big grin as he says, "Yeah, that ol' Agonar is quite the ladies' man. Why, he even hooked Silvyrfrost at the traitor's coronation. Leave it to him to pick up a date at a royal function!"
  • ANHH'SHRE: Rushleel glances around a moment before whispering, "Word on the street is she had a guy she fell head over heels with when she was younger, but he ditched her for some sexy daughter of a Rathan merchant."
  • BADGER: Rushleel's eyes lower as he says in a subdued tone, "Raellia used to teach that form. Came out as she was workin' with that no-good gnome Callava. So Pit Master Yutwian took over the job and ran her outa the clan. Shame to lose such a beauty, but jealousy and greed got no place in the Guild."
Rushleel leans in and whispers, "You kin find him near T'Kiel, down south."
  • BEAR: Rushleel says, "That beast Drathrok teaches the form of the Bear in his musty ol' cave."
Rushleel leans in and whispers, "If you're lookin' for the pit, you should look around them Kaerna stables."
  • COBRA: Rushleel narrows his eyes and says, "Melcorek teaches that form in his burrow."
Rushleel leans in and whispers, "He lives up on Gibbet Hill, just outside of Dirge."
  • DRAGON: Rushleel says, "The fierce strength, stamina and heart of the Dragon form! Uthranalak is the Pit Master for that particular Dance."
Rushleel leans in and whispers, "If you're lookin' to learn it, you'd best jump in a boat to the islands. Watch out for them corsairs though -- they get uppity with visitors."
Rushleel continues whispering, "You'll need to use a coupla your abilities to gain entrance though. Good eyes and nimble feet'll get you where you need to go."
  • EAGLE: Rushleel says, "Pit Master Calenra teaches the graceful form of the Eagle. That 'un gives you the eagle's eye. Helps ya shoot better, and see further."
Rushleel leans in and whispers, "I hear Calenra hangs out in Mo's trainin' yard. I'd start my search there if I was you."
  • FLOUNDER: Rushleel snorts and says, "You see fish on the menu? I didn't think so."
  • MO: Rushleel's face grows solemn as he mutters, "You don't wanna mess with that lug. I once saw him pummel a lad half to death with a turkey bone."
  • PANTHER: Rushleel says, "Ah, the grace of the Panther form. Makes you nimble and quick, as well as a bit sneakier."
Rushleel leans in and whispers, "Sathralor is the master of that form. You can find her down in Ilithi. Her pit is somewhere in the Dragon's Breath forest."
  • RUSHLEEL: Rushleel says, "Who me? I'm just plain folk, a simple bartender."
  • SWAN: Rushleel says, "Ol' Nightlark teaches that 'un. Keeps ya on yer toes."
Rushleel glances around a moment before leaning in to whisper, "I hear she hangs out at the gymnasium down in the Elven city."
  • T'KIEL: Rushleel's face brightens considerably. "Whoo! Now THERE'S a woman," he breathes. "That lass has more curves than a scimitar! But don't let the looks fool ya -- she's meaner than an alley cat when she's mad."
  • TUSFAOV: Rushleel says, "That man is quite honestly the best battle strategist this land has ever seen. Of course, it runs in his family -- alla them Casparas is brilliant."
  • WOLVERINE: Rushleel says, "Mopeliar teaches the fierce form of the Wolverine. Seek him out if you're worthy of his teachings."
Rushleel leans in and whispers, "You can find him out in Wolf Clan in the lodge. Pay particular attention to a certain wolf pelt..."