Dragon Form

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Barb thumb.jpgBarbarian Guild
Dragon Form
Requirements: 1
Slot Cost: 2
Difficulty: intro
Type / Skill: form / augmentation
Path: Horde
Description: A practicioner of the dragon form wields weapons with increased deadliness.
Effect: +Large Blunt skill, +Large Edged skill, +Polearms skill, +Small Blunt skill, +Small Edged skill, +Staves skill, +Twohanded Blunt skill, +Twohanded Edged skill, +Brawling skill, Only held melee weapon. Brawling is buffed if no weapon is held.
Messaging: Start: You slowly center yourself, your mind growing quiet as a quickly building rage surges through your body, your limbs quaking with its boundless strength. A terrible roar of fury and bloodlust rips from your throat as the Form of the Dragon consumes you, only a thread of control fighting back the descent into a berserker's madness.
End: You feel your inner fire cool as you finish practicing the Form of the Dragon.