Item:Dirty canvas sack embroidered with a gladiolus blossom

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dirty canvas sack embroidered with a gladiolus blossom
Look: You see nothing unusual.
Weight: 30 stones
Appraised Cost: 62 Kronars
49.6 Lirums
44.739 Dokoras
0.062 LTBpoints
0.062 Tickets
0.062 Scrips
Special Properties:
  • This item is a container or has pockets.
  • This item is worn in the shoulder slot.
Dimensions: 9 length x 1 width x 1 height
Capacity: 9 length x 6 width x 6 height (350 stones)
Sources: Source is Ruins of Ulf'Hara, Return to the Keep
* ordinary lockpick - always included
* piece of black flint - always included
* twisted reed torch x 2 - always included

* bacon-topped potato
* bacon-wrapped cheese
* baked ham sandwich
* blackberry tart
* bottle of ginger beer
* cat-shaped taffelberry lollipop
* cheese tart
* cherry tart
* chocolate fae-shaped lollipop
* clump of bacon-wrapped asparagus
* cold marinated ram's meat sandwich on a thick hard-crusted roll
* cup of Elothean rice wine
* cup of fizzing fruit punch
* cup of hot chocolate
* cup of lemony catnip tea
* cup of Tanglefoot's tea
* cup of turnip punch
* fancy chocolate tart swirled with pale vanilla
* festive Lorethew tart in a sweet glaysker glaze
* field mouse
* flagon of abbey springwynne
* flagon of Dark Andruathen ale
* flagon of death spirit grog
* flagon of Drowning Man's grog
* flagon of Dwarven ale
* flagon of Elven frostwynne
* flagon of iceberry grog
* flagon of Laricott ale
* flagon of lemonade
* flagon of mulled wine
* flagon of raspberry mead
* flagon of red wine
* flagon of Tezirah ale
* flagon of Vykathi ale
* fresh fish
* glass of Abiresean aesjaal
* glass of Aesry Island Tease
* glass of amber ale
* glass of Arthe Dale Delight
* glass of catnip-spiced milk
* glass of chocolate milk
* glass of cool cactus tea
* glass of cow's milk
* glass of drowning man's dream
* glass of Elf wine
* glass of Fruity Fluff
* glass of gorseberry juice
* glass of Gor'Tog Golden Grog
* glass of iced strawberry lemonade
* glass of jaalkwego
* glass of lemon-flavored water
* glass of Lethean ouisque
* glass of milk frappe
* glass of mint iced tea
* glass of mulled cider
* glass of orange juice
* glass of paute dadanen
* glass of Rhia's Dew Liqueur
* glass of rum haze
* glass of sour-mash moonshine
* glass of sparkling champagne
* glass of spring water
* glass of red tequila
* glass of Starry Road sherry
* glass of sweet cream
* glass of taffelberry milk
* goblet of bacon-flavored milk
* goblet of Dalesian white wine
* goblet of Golden Dragon Arrack
* goblet of Shaman's Brew
* grey mouse-shaped lollipop
* half-eaten sandwich
* ham and cheese sandwich on dark rye bread
* handful of bacon-wrapped mushrooms
* handful of duskberry tarts
* heart-shaped cherry tart drizzled in sweet pink frosting
* heart-shaped strawberry lollipop
* mug of black coffee
* mug of catnip milk
* mug of iced coffee
* mug of Marauder punch
* mug of mocha coffee
* mug of troll foot coffee
* mug of vanilla-spiced tea
* mushroom tart
* persimmon tart
* piece of bacon-wrapped broccoli
* pink frosted cupcake topped with bacon crumbles
* plum tart
* rainbow wildflower lollipop
* raw bear haunch
* raw pig foot
* raw troll leg
* roast beast sandwich
* rose-shaped cherry lollipop
* Saemaus tarts
* salt crab
* seasoned potato wedges with crumbled bacon
* slice of apple-spiced cake
* slice of apple-walnut cake
* slice of cake frosted with creamy peanut butter
* slice of cherry cheesecake
* slice of chocolate cake
* slice of Eluned's cake
* slice of ram tenderloin
* slice of rasberry cheesecake
* slice of tart
* smoked turkey sandwich
* snifter of Trade Route Brandy
* sour apple sword-shaped lollipop
* spicy beef and cheese sandwich
* spicy pumpkin tart topped with ground nutmeg
* sugared strawberry tart
* toasted bacon sandwich
* turkey leg wrapped in bacon
* vegetarian tart
* vela'tohr flower-shaped lollipop
* white bear-shaped lollipop
* wine-soaked rat
* zucchini sandwich decorated with a zephyr-shaped image