Raven's Point General Store

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General Store
Province Forfedhdar
Town Raven's Point
Map Ranik's Map 127
# of Rooms 1
Store Type General shops, Weapon shops
This store only accepts Dokoras

[General Store]
Hardly more than a handful of miscellaneous supplies, the general store of Raven's Point is a hub of activity for visiting hunters, warriors, and miners. A pitted bronze weapon rack takes up most of the display wall, the gleaming armaments hung above a long stone table. You also see a stone shelf with a braided weapon strap on it, a bronze hook with a heavy hooded coat of thick bear fur with bronze toggles on it, a bronze-edged chest, and a stone stand with a stone-tipped arrowhead on it.

On the rack
Item Price Done
Gleaming battle axe etched with a massive raven entangled in battle with a dragon 6,314   
Bronze skinning knife 36   
Sleek carving knife with a mikkhalbamar handle 360   
Heavily serrated scimitar 1,894   
Crossbow bolts 94   
Arrows 90   !!
Polished Dwarven hammer with a mikkhalbamar grip 5,412   
On the table
Item Price Done
Mikkhalbamar hide scraper branded with a mountain range 676   
Ordinary bronze lockpick 45   
Rough stone mortar 451   
Rough stone pestle 270   
Leather foraging bag 902   
Darkened oak quiver bound by a leather strap 451   
Roughened suede backpack 1,804   
On the shelf
Item Price Done
Braided weapon strap 902   !!
On the hook
Item Price Done
Heavy hooded coat of thick bear fur with bronze toggles 5,412   
In the chest
Item Price Done
Tarnished silver shears with leather-wrapped handles 2,255   
Whitish flight glue 31   
Curved steel wood shaper with a wooden handle 112   
Raven-feather flights 45   
On the stand
Item Price Done
Stone-tipped arrowhead 90