Smoky Bandit's

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Smoky Bandit's
Province Forfedhdar
Justice Unknown
Town Raven's Point
Map Ranik's Map 127
Owner Smoky
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Smoking shops
This store only accepts Dokoras

[Smoky Bandit's, Shop]
Pungent to extraordinarily sweet, the heavy aroma of tobacco of all kinds assails the senses in this small, cramped room. Shelves lined with dusty glass jars of varying translucency vie for space with hooks hung with pouches, and tiered tables display handmade pipes. Centered on the back wall is a large portrait of an extremely aged Dwarven man with a long pipe dangling from his mouth. You also see a sturdy door. Obvious exits: east.

On the shelves
Item Price Done
Hunter's Haven tobacco 360   !!
wintergreen tobacco 270   !!
Warm Night tobacco 360   !!
Frosty Fingers tobacco 360   !!
Winter Wonder tobacco 360   !!
black rum tobacco 270   !!
sweet cherry tobacco 270   !!
Dark Pass Desire tobacco 360   !!
Miner's Misery tobacco 360   !!
On the hooks
Item Price Done
dark leather tobacco pouch with a rough suede drawstring 1,136   !!
snow-white suede tobacco pouch with silvery drawstrings 1,136   !!
dark red knitted tobacco pouch with a black yarn drawstring 1,136   !!
black brocade tobacco pouch highlighted with gold thread 1,136   !!
stone-grey tobacco pouch with a miniature pickaxe toggle 1,136   !!
rugged leather tobacco pouch stamped with the image of Himineldar Shel on one side 1,136   !!
On the tiered tables
Item Price Done
twisted pine pipe with a swirled bowl 202   !!
blackwood pipe painted with a ring of fire around the bowl 202   !!
smoothly carved mikkhalbamar pipe 202   !!
chiseled stone pipe with a maple tip 202   !!
long cherrywood pipe polished to a high shine 202   !!
carved white oak pipe with a tight knotwork design 202   !!
stubby applewood pipe carved with the image of a mountain 202   !!

[Smoky Bandit's, Lounge]
Rocking chairs and couches with rock-hard cushions are arranged in a semicircle around a large fireplace, above which is a detailed mosaic landscape done in a variety of rough native stone. A snowbeast pelt rug is spread in the center of the space, a squat stone table atop it holding refreshments for customers to enjoy while puffing on their pipes. The stale scent of tobacco clings to every surface despite the cloudy glass window kept open a small crack for ventilation. Obvious exits: west.

On the stone table
Item Price Done
shallow bowl of honey-roasted peanuts 0   !!
silver pot of strong coffee encircled by long-handled cups 0   !!
pot of spiced apple cider ringed by porcelain mugs bearing cinnamon sticks 0   !!

Under the snowbeast pelt rug you see a trapdoor.

[Smoky Bandit's, Hideaway]
Stacks of crates are piled high in this small underground room, though it's clear that this cellar is meant for more than just storage. A rack of weapons with a battered shield resting against it sits near a blazing torch, and close by is a small shelf stacked with preserved foodstuffs. In the far corner is a heap of thick fur blankets ready to defend against the cold. A sturdy ladder leads up to a trapdoor in the ceiling. You also see a battered note pinned to the wall. Obvious exits: none.

A battered note reads:
"Dear customer, I've provided this place as refuge against the frequent invasions that occur in town.  It's safe here, so feel free to wait out any onslaughts courtesy of Smoky Bandit's, your choice for fine tobacco.  ~ Smoky Jr."

Tightly shut jars of food and tins of water crowd the shelf.

On the rack you see a rough sword and a notched axe.
>get sword
You struggle with a rough sword, but can't get it because it's chained down.
>get axe
You struggle with a notched axe, but can't get it because it's chained down.

Worn paint displays the image of a massive raven battling a black dragon over a mountain range. The edges of the shield are cracked, but overall the armor still appears sturdy.


This shop's name is likely derived from the old classic move, "Smoky and the Bandit."