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A Visit With The King · on 2/6/2009 8:42:02 AM 7034
With instruction to go meet with the King in Muspar'i, our entourage met up in Theren Keep as I extended the invitation to the King's Wiseman to join us and make use of the gates provided by my Assistant Angel and Darkgaze.

We arrived within the gates of Muspar'i and chatted briefly amongst ourselves before moving to Lata'arna Keep to meet with King Arhhdan and King Raenilar. King Arhhdan was most gracious to allow the meeting in his neutral city and out of the sands of the area.

With respect to the Wiseman, I asked that he begin the address to his King, followed by relating that the Baron had released the Chamberlain from his and the King's prior arrangement of marriage to profess his love for the Princess and ask for her hand himself. At this point, Drexella stepped up to address the King on what had led us all to this meeting, while I dealt with arrangements to ensure the Princess's arrival in Muspar'i, given she was not informed of the meeting till after we had arrived. Alexii and Jappal excused themselves to gather the Princess and her entourage.

Once the Princess arrived, King Raenilar spoke with her and asked the Princess if the proposal from the Baron pleased her. She indicated that it was her hope that he agree to the proposal, "since he is in essense, the King of Therengia." Princess Macja went on to say that it indeed pleased her and that he was a good man and very attentive. When asked, the Princess said the Baron was willing to fight for her and, with that, the Outcast King indicated there would be a duel, as tradition dictates.

The Princess had expressed Tiso's concerns that he may have failed the King somehow and indicated that, to his credit, the Wiseman had attempted to reason with the Baron about the situation and his insistence that the King be consulted but the Baron would not hear of it, which is why the Princess risked the wrath of the Baron in coming to the desert against his wishes. The Princess indicated that as long as she was bound by her honor, her brother would be hard pressed to keep her in the desert against her will.

Also to his credit, it was at this point that Wiseman Tiso expressed that his heart was heavy with the prospect of the Baron losing his alliance with Shard over the matter of the wedding. King Raenilar went on to say that the blood debt was honored and he bears no ill will towards them any longer. When the concerns of the Ferdahl feeling there was still a threat to her and the Mountain were mentioned, King Raenilar said that what he owed the Mountain would be paid in time.

At this point, King Raenilar agreed to send the Princess back to Theren, betrothed to the Baron but that the Baron must meet him in single combat, the choice of venue would be left to Baron Gyfford. With that, the Princess and her entourage gated back to Theren.

King Raenilar went on to say that, while admirable and understanding his reasons, but that Shard is not without some reason to be resentful, with my following with the fact that Shard attempts to hold Therengia responsible for the actions of the King. King Raenilar followed with, "Then Shard is being as foolish as ever." And, "You may pass this on for me to Shard." The King went on to say that he had no intention of bringing war there again and that the blood debt was paid, and as long as they left him and his alone, they would be left alone.

Valelaer addressed the King at this point, asking, ""For clarification Sire, soon to include the Baron as one of Your's?". King Raenilar indicated that he would indeed be a brother-in-law but that he would not be his in any other way...they will be equals...with my indicating that the new treaty will be reflecting that as well. In regards to tribal status where the marriage is concerned, the King indicated that it would not effect the Baron as it might a lesser and once the Princess marries, while always a member of the tribe, she will become a Therengian royal and her loyalties with align with her new husband and his people. However, it would most certainly be acceptable for her companions and tribesmen to remain with her and in service to her.

At this point, the Outcast King wished some time with the tribe and we all gated back to Theren Keep. Where I thanked everyone for joining the entourage. Again, my thanks to Drexella, Aaiyaah, Solvar, Angel, Rallyne, Renlak, and Darkgaze.

Shortly after that, I arrived at the gates of Theren where I was met by Valelaer, with word from King Raenilar that he has inquired about the dowry. I will meet further with those in the Keep and make the respective contacts pending information from His Grace and his Royal Court.

~Court Advisor Wyndz~

This message was originally posted in Events and Happenings in DragonRealms' Elanthia - Therengia Events, by MSMAIDEN on the forums.