Necromancer Timeline

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286 AV Expedition to stop Necromancer predation of western hamlets and villages of Zoluren launched. The party of adventurers return to Crossing successfully after three months, donating a number of profane artifacts to the Clerics' Guild.

Curiously, neither names of those involved in the expedition nor the Necromancers they hunted down are a matter of public record.

287 AV Necromancer hysteria: Hundreds, including a significant fraction of Asemath Academy, killed in a purge orchestrated by a joint Cleric and Paladin organization calling themselves the Hounds of Rutilor.

The death toll climaxes near the end of the year, with a small number of villages in Zoluren and Therengia put to the torch.

300 AV The Necrolord Kigot is hunted down and killed in the foothills west of Crossing, after years of spreading sedition through Zoluren.
320 AV First reliable report of the spirit guide or guru called the Old Man, though some stories place it as far back as 270 AV.
331 AV First reliable report of a Necromancer calling himself a Philosopher of the Knife.
393 AV Lyras crosses the Barrier.
394 AV Lyras begins an assault on Forfedhdar, Ilithi, Zoluren and Therengia. She uses the reanimated corpses of Rakash and Prydaen are used alongside Kobolds and other undead for the attacks.

After a long battle in which Lyras is actually struck down, Prince Vorclaf, ruler of Zoluren, dies. Upon his death, Lyras tries to take Vorclaf's soul, but Meraud intervenes and takes the soul to the Starry Road.

395 AV First known attack of necromantic undead on Ratha.