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Jonathan Kigot
Status: Dead
Guild: Necromancer
Race: Human
Gender: Male

A powerful Necrolord who spread his craft through Zoluren until his death in 300 AV.

Among seers and whispered in the wake of the gathering of the Philosophers is a name: Kigot. Kigot's knife; Kigot's inheritance. For a Necromancer that died long before most adventurers were born, he seems to have inordinate influence.

Almost nothing is known about Kigot's past, except for one embarrassing truth the Temple did not quite manage to censor: the earliest references to the man address him as Friar Kigot. The nature of his service to the Temple, as well as whatever led up to his fall, are lost. However, what scant writings exist of the Hounds of Rutilor's initial purge implicate him.

After the purge, Kigot's life as a Necromancer is well established (insofar as anyone keeps tabs on any Necromancer's life). He earned the title of Necrolord in the years that followed, which is, strictly speaking, not unusual. Even his fall from a holy man into depravity is not more than a universal trope cycling over and over again through history.

What was exceptional was how he attacked the Temple: he wrote.

Reputable scholars do not keep copies of any of Kigot's texts, though apparently they penetrated the usually insular bubbles of the necromantic cults. In particular, the book he wrote shortly before his death is referenced in many obscure corners of necromantic esoterica. Far from the mind-blasting grimoires and occult, demonic rites that usually populate a Necromancer's shelf, it was a simple, albeit long, book on the philosophy of man.

It was called "The Philosophy of the Knife."

By all accounts, Kigot died a spectacular death. Though his inclination was toward scholarship, when the Hounds of Rutilor finally came for him in foothills of western Zoluren with a large hunting party, only one Paladin limped away with his life intact. While the Temple refuses to give details about where they disposed of Kigot's body, to avoid encouraging any fanatical Necromancer with a shovel, inquiries return a confirmation that his soul was cast down by Immortals, his body later cremated and the ashes buried in especially hallow ground.

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