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Status: Alive
Race: Elothean
Gender: Male
Location: Nakuge's Scriptorium (Ranik Map 99)
Type: shopowner
Associates: Alnilam

Nakuge owns Nakuge's Scriptorium.

Nakuge is a middle-aged Elothean man with slicked-back black hair, violet eyes, sallow skin and a myopic squint. He wears a rumpled linen robe, stained around the sleeves with multi-colored splotches of ink. His slender hands grasp a goosefeather quill as he carefully sharpens the tip.


About Alishana
Nakuge says, "I have heard of her, yes, Alishana. A cleric. Human. Interesting person, believe she pursued the ranger path before. Not sure why she converted over to the clerics, but I have a nice prayer of hers honoring Everild."

About Alnilam
"Alnilam, she's that flame-haired Elf that's always scolding me for being slow. Thinks she knows everything, too." Nakuge sniffs with disdain.

About Caedmon
Nakuge says, "Caedmon, reputed to be a holy poet. Mostly I get complaints about his using the badger incorrectly as a symbol of Kuniyo. My suspicion was he drank a bit too much holy wine, that one. I rather like the rhythm he's got going in the other prayer of his though, the one to Hodierna."

About Dzehath
Nakuge says, "Very little is known about Dzehath, though his style of writing is quite different. I have a nice example of his prayers though, a S'Kra he is."

About Firannion
Nakuge says, "Firannion, she's a Human I believe. Farming family girl, but already has songs winning bardic songwriting tourneys. She's a charter member of that Troupe of the Four Winds. I have two nice songs of hers. Rumor has it she spends far too much of her time dancing on bars and doing boobrie impressions!"

About Granar
Nakuge says, "Granar is a Human Cleric, and was one of those who restored the altar in the chapel of the Crossing Cleric Guild after the desecrations. His prayer is in honor of the main aspects of the Immortals."

About Kalira
Nakuge says, "She's a cleric, yes, knows quite a bit about the Gorbesh War times. I am very partial to her beautiful poem on those times, and the path of the cleric. If you ever see her sometime, you might ask her about those sad days."

About Keriala
Nakuge says, "Keriala... she's that River Elf lass, isn't she? I have a song she wrote on the beginning of the Elven-Human wars, called "Sorril's Flight."

About Kithria
Nakuge says, "Kithria, an Elven lass. Another member of the Troupe of the Four Winds. Rumor has it she prefers to her time flirting and drinking champagne instead of practicing -- or was it that she preferred practicing that?"

About Kortny
Nakuge says, "Kortny. Yes. Another Human bard. Traveling minstrel, storyteller type. I have a nice song of his, about the dance."

About Lathaliu
Nakuge says, "Lathaliu.... Ah, yes! She sent me a fine hymn to Eluned. It's inscribed on delicate onionskin parchment."

About Maur
Nakuge says, "He's a Dwarven Cleric, I believe, a follower of Damaris. He wrote a very... outspoken Dwarven Supplication to the gods."

About Nimuen
Nakuge says, "Nimuen, a wonderful Human Bard. Tall wench, with a true feel for the sea. Yet another member of the Troupe of the Four Winds, I believe. She sent me a wonderful song called Eluned's Winds."

About Rashahaverik
Nakuge says, "Ah, I have heard of him. Never met him. Rumored to be a foul-tempered old snake, but I do like his prayers, if you have a taste for the grim."

About Risden
Nakuge says, "I understand Father Risden is no longer among the living. A great loss, as as he was known as a great teacher of balance. Pretty good writer as well, I have two examples of his work. Not discovered til after his passing though. Pity."

About Saesealm
Nakuge says, "She's an Elf. Know that much. Rumored her name means "seasong", which is appropriate I think, considering her song to Eluned. Understand she's a cleric, but wrote songs for the bards, way back at the beginning of her travels."

About Sartor
Nakuge says, "Don't know a thing about him. Wrote the prayer I have on Meraud. I got his contribution delivered to me, or maybe Alnilam brought it in."

About Sher
Nakuge says, "I don't know much about Sher, but whoever they are, they sent me a wonderful song called "The Cat and the Cleric." I hope I do get a chance to meet them someday."

About Steelake
Nakuge says, "I have this prayer here by him, to Truffenyi. Most likely a paladin, is what I suspect, though he never sent me any personal information. Not sure if he is among the living or not. Alnilam says he was rather conservative, stalwart, honest, dependable, enthusiastic and very stubborn."