Nakuge's Scriptorium

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Nakuge's Scriptorium
Province Qi'Reshalia
Town Aesry Surlaenis'a
Map Ranik's Map 99
Owner Nakuge
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Music shops, Miscellaneous shops, Cleric shops
This store only accepts Lirums

[Nakuge's Scriptorium]
Skylights in the roof fill the white-papered walls of the shop with light, providing illumination for the scribe, Nakuge, as he labors at his desk. Parchments lie in disorderly stacks upon the shelves at the back of the shop, mingling with books and boxes in an untidy jumble. An owl perches atop the back of a chair, drowsy in the daytime but still quick to wake at the sound of a mouse in amongst the papers. You also see a slant-top oak desk with an illuminated catalog on it and Nakuge.

Note: You may be able to haggle for lower prices depending on your Charisma.

Page 1 - Prayers to the Light Gods
Item Price Done
mottled parchment - Short prayer to Alamhif 6,500   !!
onionskin parchment - Hymn to Eluned and Her Many Faces, by Lathaliu Ewoenyn 6,500   !!
stark-white parchment - Prayer to Everild, Before Battle, by Alishana d'Nort 8,500   !!
heavy prayer parchment - Prayer to Everild, Kuniyo, and Trothfang, by the holy poet Caedmon Descendens 7,000   
bright yellow parchment - Prayer to Glythtide, a favorite for Halflings and Bards 6,500   
ivory parchment - Prayer to Hodierna by Caedmon Descendens 6,000   
speckled parchment - Meraud Muses, by Sartor 6,500   !!
grey prayer parchment - Devotion in honor of Tamsine's Aspects, by Jigda Taffelberry 6,500   
gilt pale-green parchment - Prayer to Truffenyi, by Sir Steelake Vrochren 7,500   
Page 2 - Prayers to the Dark Gods
Item Price Done
black prayer parchment - Chant of Aldauth, by Rashahaverik DeBarsaive 6,500   
pure-white parchment - Prayer of protection from Asketi, author unknown 5,500   
heavy black parchment - Prayer to Dergati, by Father Risden 6,500   No
crushed vellum parchment - Prayer to Urrem'tier, by Rashahaverik DeBarsaive 6,500   
Page 3 - Other Prayers
Item Price Done
wheat-colored parchment - A Praise of Gods, by Granar Veracine 6,500   
illuminated prayer parchment - Cleric's prayer to the All-God 7,500   
silvery prayer parchment - Goddess of Life, We Beseech You, translated from the S'Kra by Dzehath S'krohal 6,500   
simple prayer parchment - Prayer for Life and Death, author unknown 5,500   !!
dark prayer parchment - Soul Leading Prayer (appropriate at funerals), author unknown 6,500   
feathered parchment - Prayer Before Facing the Undead, traditional prayer 7,500   
richly illuminated parchment - two very short prayers, one for morning, one for evening, rumored to be the work of Saesealm Faoillean 6,500   !!
scarlet-edged parchment - Gamgweth prayer Haleer Li Seord Alyi, by Father Risden 12,000   !!
smoke-grey parchment - the prayer Circle, by Parthenope Medusean 5,500   !!
silver-edged parchment - the poem Between a Candle and a Star, by Kalira Moonhart 14,000   !!
crinkled prayer parchment - a Dwarven Supplication, by Maur Browneststone -- not legible to other races 6,500   !!
Page 4 - Journals and Quills
Item Price Done
leather song book 170,000   !!
thick black grimoire 200,000   !!
leather diary 75,000   
dark leather prayer book 150,000   !!
white leather prayer book 150,000   
goose-feather quill 3,000   
Page 5 - Bardic Song Scrolls
Item Price Done
painted song scroll - "Defenders of the Lute," by Firannion Matrevyn 550   !!
crisp song scroll - "A Bardic Prayer," by Firannion Matrevyn 1,000   !!
pale green song scroll - "Sorril's Flight," by Keriala Elyanada 500   
sapphire blue song scroll - "The Cat and the Cleric," by Sher Sureshot 500   
delicate rice paper song scroll - "The Moon Mage's Tale," by an unknown author 350   !!
ribbon trimmed song scroll - "The Dance of Life," by Kortny Horselord 300   !!
crimson song scroll - "Tamsine's Fire," by Kithria Dustdanser 350   
canvas song scroll - "Eluned's Winds," by Nimuen Wavesinger 900   !!