Riverhaven Commerce Cartel

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The Riverhaven Commerce Cartel is a way for Traders and their Crafters to work cooperatively to form a stable and fair economy where each member will benefit. Their goal is to become more involved in the Riverhaven economy and use fair pricing to stimulate growth in the products available in Riverhaven.



Shop Name Owner Hours Room
Crimsondae's Collections Crimsondae 1pm to 1am EST Rose Room
Augstawne Lefns Cehs Malakye 4pm to 11pm EST Food Plaza
Lion's Gait Twid 1pm to 12am EST Theatre Room
Gomi's Gear Gomihako 4pm to 11pm EST Keep Room
Inver Brass Jondac 8pm to 12pm EST Dungeon Room
Lexara's Mercantile Lexara 2pm to 2am EST Warrior Room