Hawstkaal Road

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The Hawstkaal Road runs from the Northwest Gate of Hibarnhvidar to the Arncharn Shel and distant Kwarlog in the north. It crosses the Segoltha River at the Cedik Bridge near Hibarnhvidar's Water Wheels. It also serves as the demarcation for the western edge of the Journelai Shel. Farther in north, near Boar Clan it crosses the Biiskbowr at Archer's Ford.
Along the road are items to pick and an 'ale tree' to grab a drink at.

[Hawstkaal Road, Dense Forest]
A clump of firs stands at the top of a short rise. One tree in particular is marked with a yellow blaze, perhaps put there by one of the local trackers. Nearby is a pair of flat-topped stumps, cut off at an ideal height for them to serve as stools.
Obvious exits: north, southeast.

In the weathered keg inside a fir tree
Item Price Done
some spiced rum 50   !!
Black Tog Ale. Need a tankard or stein to fill up. 50 copper doks. Good ale. Don't waste on snakes.

[Hawstkaal Road, Dense Forest]
The reek of skunk cabbage wafts from a clump of thick leaves growing at the edge of a tiny creek that trickles from the north. From a distance, the smell isn't very strong, but when the leaves are bruised, crushed, or otherwise damaged, they release an intense odor that attracts insects and may cause eyes to water.
Obvious exits: southeast, northwest.