Induction sigil

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This is a primary sigil used in the Enchanting system. See the Sigil harvesting page for information on how to scribe a sigil.


On this scroll you see a <quality> induction sigil comprised of <precision> strokes. A sigil of creation, found underlying all beginnings in the material realm.


As the sigil type can change from room-to-room, please be as specific as possible when documenting a location.




  • Whitehall Commons housing area in Shard Stormwill Tower, by the arch, the flower garden and the sundial (spring)
  • [Stormwill Tower, Entrance Hall], inside the NW Shard Stormwill tower (spring)
  • [Shard, South Square], inside the inner Shard south gate (spring)
  • [Shard, Katamba's Crescent Road], outside the Shard Enchanting Guild (spring)
  • [East Trade Route, Journey's Rest], outside the Shard east gate by the marble bench, also 1 & 2 rooms west of here (spring)