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This is a primary sigil used in the Enchanting system. See the Sigil harvesting page for information on how to scribe a sigil.


On this scroll you see a <quality> congruence sigil comprised of <precision> strokes. A sigil of alignment, found at points of parallel in the world.

Secondary Sigils

Congruence, when intersected with the other primary sigils, produces four secondary sigils.

Primary Sigils Secondary Sigils
Congruence Abolition Paradox
Congruence Induction Nurture
Congruence Rarefaction Unity
Congruence Permutation Integration


As the sigil type can change from room-to-room, please be as specific as possible when documenting a location.


  • [The Crossing, Immortals' Approach], the room just outside the Temple gates (winter)


  • [Riverhaven, Stone Bridge], the room outside the east gate (spring)
  • [Riverhaven Road, South Road], outside the east gate, both rooms (spring)



  • Whitehall Commons housing area, by the lattice, the urn, Hodierna's fountain and the oak tree
  • [The Second-Floor Hallway], go door then climb stairs from the SW room of the Shard south bridge


  • [Empath's Guild, Examining Room], stamina training room in Shard; also just outside the door


  • [Abandoned Road], outside the gate to the Sunbeam Circle housing area east of Shard
  • [Stormwill Tower, Infirmary], in the Shard Empath/WM tower; also thru the door


  • [Ratha Alchemy Society, Workroom] (peregan arch): Ratha 1st tier, upstairs in the Alchemy Society (spring)
  • [Ratha, Deadman's Run]: Ratha 1st Tier, furthest west street, S then SW from the Barbarian Guild (summer)