Abolition sigil

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This is a primary sigil used in the Enchanting system. See the Sigil harvesting page for information on how to scribe a sigil.


On this scroll you see a <quality> abolition sigil comprised of <precision> strokes. A sigil of destruction, representing the pattern found at the ends of all things.

Secondary Sigils

Abolition, when intersected with the other primary sigils, produces four secondary sigils.

Primary Sigils Secondary Sigils
Abolition Congruence Paradox
Abolition Induction Antipode
Abolition Rarefaction Ascension
Abolition Permutation Decay


As the sigil type can change from room-to-room, please be as specific as possible when documenting a location.


  • Crossing Temple - [Temple Grounds, Cobblestone Path], one room north from the entrance gate (Spring)
  • [The Crossing, Full Moons Crescent] - in front of the seer (Spring)




  • [Shard, Katamba's Crescent Road], 1 room east from the inside of the Shard N gate
  • [Shard, East City Gates], inside the Shard E gate & one room south from the E gate
  • [Tower of Shadows, Water Gallery], WM housing in Stormwill Tower


  • [Sunbeam Circle, Campfire], center of the Sunbeam Circle housing area east of Shard
  • [House of the Gilded Longleaf, Gardens], rooms S & SE past the arbor


  • [Empath's Guild, Examining Room], stamina training room in Shard; also just outside the door