Whitehall Commons

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This area contains housing and multiple items to pick and interact with.


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Whitehall Commons
Location: Shard, Ilithi (RanikMap66)
Class / Type: Middle / Urban
Restrictions: Empath
Justice: City
Form: Door, Free
Homes (Free): 8 (3)
Last Checked: 19 May 2019

Found on the grounds of Stormwill Tower at the NW of Shard.

Whitehall Commons.gif

Location Category Restrictions Owner Appearance
Herbal Gardens - 1 Middle Class, Urban Empath Zamara baked brick abode with a blooming apple blossom tree in the yard
Path of Charity - 2 Middle Class, Urban Empath Kenchak sturdy oak frame house with a huge oak tree placed by its entrance
Way of Renewal - 3 Middle Class, Urban Empath Unclaimed white stucco cottage
Path of Devotion - 4 Middle Class, Urban Empath Unclaimed neat cedar cottage
Fountain of Healing - 5 Middle Class, Urban Empath Chesire white oak-trimmed cottage
Path of Life - 6 Middle Class, Urban Empath Tuniksa cedar frame home with an out-of-control herb garden running rampant in its front yard
Way of Peace - 7 Middle Class, Urban Empath Arastella cozy pine cottage
Path of Serenity - 8 Middle Class, Urban Empath Unclaimed red brick cottage

Picked Items

In addition to the housing, the following items are available in this area:

  • Picked in room #1:
  • Picked in room #2 along with an urn for trash:
  • Picked in room #3:
  • Picked in room #4:
  • In room #5 is a pool with water.
  • In room #7 is a sundial.
  • Picked in room #8:



  • A brown chipmunk dashes across the path in front of you, almost under your feet, and disappears into his burrow safe on the other side.
  • A small brown bird pecks at the ground, searching for worms.
  • A small puppy bounds down the path toward you. He sniffs at your feet for a moment, then bounces away the way he came.
  • A sudden, insistent call of birdsong bursts from nearby, answered a moment later from afar.
  • The murmuring background sound of birds chirping grows louder for a moment as something disturbs them, then sinks back to an occasional peaceful warble.
  • The sweet smell of blooming flowers tickles your nose.
  • The sound of wind chimes from somewhere nearby drifts past you, their delicate random melodies soothing your senses.
  • Two butterflies flitter past, tracing delicate patterns of looping circles around one another.


  • A distant growl of thunder rumbles from the ever-present cloud surrounding Stormwill Tower.
  • A door creaks nearby, as someone slips from the safety of their home out to the dangerous city streets of the night.
  • A night bird calls softly from the trees.
  • A rustle comes from the darkened foliage nearby as some small creature passes by.
  • A wash of light spreads over the area for a moment as the lightning over Stormwill Tower distantly flashes.
  • The chirping of the crickets around you pauses for just a moment, then continues on at a slightly louder level.
  • The scent of rich earth fills the darkness with the promise of life.
  • The sound of wind chimes from somewhere nearby drifts through the darkness, their delicate random melodies soothing your senses.
  • The sudden, insistent call of a night bird bursts from nearby, answered a moment later from afar.