Knight at the Club (1)

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A Knight at the Club
Event Hollow Eve Festival 443
# of Rooms 7
Store Type Clothing shops, Jewelry shops
This store only accepts Kronars


[A Knight at the Club, Entry]
A few benches along the walls provide seating for those who need a break from shopping. Warm light from the hanging brass chandelier spreads throughout the entry, making the polished oak floors gleam.
You also see a wooden door.
Obvious exits: south.


[A Knight at the Club, Outerwear]
Spread out around the room are wooden racks and stands displaying a wide variety of outerwear. Rushing salesclerks move about, answering questions and restocking clothing.

Obvious exits: north, southeast, southwest.

On the alder rack
Item Price Done
naquet mantle trimmed with miniver fur 375,000   
orphrey cape lined with white samite 875,000   
crimson baudekin cape trimmed with gold embroidery 562,500   
deep green attaby cloak trimmed with silver embroidery 562,500   
royal blue cammaka mantle trimmed with roskyn 200,000   
brilliant yellow camlet balandrana with copper brooches 1,875,000   
burgundy madun mantle trimmed with white silk 375,000   
pale grey khaddar mantle trimmed with gold braid 62,500   
On the elm stand
Item Price Done
beige homespun mantle with pewter clasps 37,500   
charcoal-grey wool cloak trimmed with polayn fur 37,500   
auburn armure balandrana with crescent moon clasps 625,000   
maroon farandine cape lined with ecru silk 1,375,000   
pearl-grey steelsilk mantle with an upright collar 1,750,000   
bone-white rosecloth cloak embroidered with wild rose vines and blooms 12,500,000   
voluminous cloth-of-gold mantle embroidered with red dragons in flight 625,000   
slate-grey deathfiber cloak trimmed with miniver fur 562,500   


[A Knight at the Club, Legwear]
Piles of clothing are stacked up on shelves and counters, ready for purchase by customers. Smiling clerks answer questions and help the buyers with their other requirements.

Obvious exits: south, northwest.

On the walnut shelf
Item Price Done
pair of scarlet satin pluderhose lined with cloth-of-gold 50,000   
pair of magenta velvet trunk-hose lined with flax-colored byssine 50,000   
pair of midnight-blue attaby gaskins with a wide waistband 150,000   
pair of pear-green sindon braies with a narrow waistband 37,500   
pair of Rissan-orange baudekin breeches figured with tiny rose blooms 225,000   
pair of russet linen chausons trimmed with black cord 25,000   
pair of cerise wool chausses with black silk cord cross-garters 25,000   
pair of dove-grey linen trews with a wide waistband 25,000   
pair of jet-black wool chasembles with a red leather sole 25,000   
On the oak counter
Item Price Done
pair of crimson wool trews embroidered with tiny white stars 25,000   
pair of green velvet chausses with bright yellow silk cross-garters 75,000   
pair of pale pink petalette breeches with embroidered shells along the hem 5,000,000   
pair of saffron linen braies embroidered with tiny orange suns 37,500   
pair of Gemfire velvet gaskins with platinum buckles 7,125,000   
pair of dragonfire brocade trunk-hose lined with pale blue satin 7,500,000   
pair of aqua lotusweave trunk-hose lined with silveress 8,250,000   
pair of azure blue oceanmist satin pluderhose lined with apricot silk 4,125,000   
pair of dark green shadesatin pluderhose lined with cream satin 2,750,000   

Doublets and Shirts

[A Knight at the Club, Doublets and Shirts]
Garments hang from the racks and stands around the room, their colorful fabrics and trims dazzling to the eye. Cheerful salespeople roam about, ready to answer questions or get a different item from the stockroom.

Obvious exits: north, west.

On the pine rack
Item Price Done
sage green brocade courtepy with long sleeves 62,500   
black wool doublet with brass buttons 62,500   
royal blue damask gardcorps trimmed with miniver 62,500   
burgundy velvet doublet trimmed with gold braid 62,500   
pale pink petalette doublet trimmed with white braid 6,250,000   
On the deobar stand
Item Price Done
saffron baudekin courtepy with long sleeves 250,000   
orphrey gardcorps trimmed with mink fur 437,500   
aqua attaby doublet with silver buttons 437,500   
naquet doublet trimmed with crimson silk braid 437,500   
deep grey deathfiber doublet with long sleeves 500,000   


[A Knight at the Club, Jewelry]
Glass cases and cabinets along the walls offer up jewelry and other adornments for perusal and purchase. Several armed guards stand in the corners, their gimlet eyes keeping the customers under watch to prevent theft.

Obvious exits: east, west.

In the glass case
Item Price Done
gold signet ring engraved with a seven-pointed star 25,000   
icesteel signet ring engraved with a lion's head 500,000   
twisted coralite torque with pearl-topped finials 2,000,000   
polished black gold torque with leopard head finials 125,000   
chased gold torque with lion head finials 25,000   
In the glass cabinet
Item Price Done
blue gold signet ring engraved with a snowflake 1,250,000   
polished muracite ring 125,000   
polished gold disc brooch engraved with a seven-pointed star 37,500   
coralite carcanet engraved with seven-pointed stars 6,000,000   
polished gold carcanet inlaid with garnets 25,000   


[A Knight at the Club, Accessories]
A long walnut counter displays accessories and other extras for purchase. A few bins and baskets on the floor provide extra display space for further items.

Obvious exits: north, east.

On the walnut counter
Item Price Done
crimson silk-covered conical hennin with a golden gauze veil 62,500   
pure white chaisel wimple edged with whipstitching 62,500   
pale blue silk barbette 62,500   
crimson wool chaperon 62,500   
stiff forest-green gable headdress with a pale green veil 62,500   
On the oak bin
Item Price Done
black silk caul 37,500   
pale cream gauze veil 37,500   
In the wicker basket
Item Price Done
cobalt silk belt purse with a gold clasp 50,000   
crimson silk almoner with a silver clasp 50,000   
black wool almoner embroidered with silver stars 50,000   
russet cammaka almoner trimmed with white braid 50,000   
tooled leather belt purse with a pewter clasp 12,500   

Gowns and Robes

[A Knight at the Club, Gowns and Robes]
Long racks of robes and gowns line the walls, their wooden poles almost groaning under the weight of the merchandise. The quiet murmur of voices fills the air as customers debate their purchases.

Obvious exits: northeast, south.

On the pine rack
Item Price Done
teal cammaka robe with full sleeves 187,500   
periwinkle wool cotehardie with wooden buttons 100,000   
mint green silk bliaut with onyx buttons 100,000   
dark brown linen chimere embroidered with tiny silver seven-pointed stars 62,500   
blood-red satin pelicon lined with miniver fur 125,000   
viridian wool houpelande lined with pale pink silk 125,000   
lilac silk kirtle with purple silk laces 125,000   
tawny gold linen gamurra with laced-on long sleeves 125,000   
On the birch rack
Item Price Done
peach bourde cotehardie with ivory buttons 1500,000   
amethyst icesilk cotehardie with glass buttons 625,000   
amber uzil cotehardie with red gold buttons 1,250,000   
goldweave bliaut lined with alabaster silk 2,000,000   
dragonfire brocade bliaut with tiny red gold flame-shaped buttons 8,750,000   
silveress bliaut lined with ebony silk 8,750,000   
On the walnut rack
Item Price Done
lava samite houpelande with long dagged sleeves 9,000,000   
crimson shadesatin houpelande with long hanging sleeves 7,500,000   
salmon pink petalette kirtle with cream silk laces 9,500,000   
cerulean watersilk kirtle with silver cord laces 1,000,000   
mustard-yellow jaalmin kirtle with long sleeves 5,625,000