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Also see black unicorn.

The white unicorn is the animal avatar of Hodierna.


The unicorn is stunning to behold, with a coat of pure white that is impeccably groomed. Hooves of flashing steel combined with a spiraling pearlescent horn around which a thin strand of gold has been wrapped flash in the motes of rainbowed light that swirl around the creature, commanding a stern and beautiful look at this creature's combat potential. A mane the color of spun glass sweeps in fine, silken waves down the graceful lines of its neck, and bright blue eyes through which shines a gentle, intelligent warmth stare penetratingly into you, seeing through skin, flesh, bone and soul.


ItemSource isRare item
Acenite sea unicorn with a glittering tail of coraliteRitual Addictiontrue
Aged cherrywood humidor trimmed with a thin golden bandDunshade: Echo of Tears/End loottrue
Alabaster unicorn hobbyhorseDunshade: Echo of Tears/End loottrue
Amethyst velvet toque with a golden unicorn appliqueGretchen's Hatstrue
Ammunition pouch branded with twin black unicornsSlings and Things (1)true
Anloral unicorn pinSoulful Trinketstrue
Armor:Copper-worked plate brigandine engraved with a vivid image of a white unicornIprilu's Emporiumfalse
Armor:Copper-worked plate greaves trimmed with silverIprilu's Emporiumfalse
Armor:Gold chain helm adorned with a spiraling hornQuelling the Riottrue
Armor:Polished sallet with an enameled steel neckguardIprilu's Emporiumfalse
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