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Antinomic Sorcery is the corruption of cosmologic Law, while the other high sorceries are corruptions of Meaning and Form. In practice, it will deal with the truly esoteric grey areas of religion ("Are Dergati and Huldah the 'parents' of the World Dragon?") and strange myths twisted into manifestation that are not quite in sync with reality ("What really happens when you Fade?"). Clerics will be able to permanently memorize Antinomic Sorcery spells.

High Sorcery Research

The following contains the research of Clerics taking part in high sorcery research to discover Antinomic sorcery. There are SPOILERS within this text that extend beyond the high sorcery research.

(6/22/17) I will intentionally leave out any specific process for conducting the research as to not ruin the fun for folks still figuring it out.

Starry Road [ROAD]:

- You orient in the figurative direction of the gods as you always do, this time not to call down power or to serve, but for wisdom.

- Breakthrough! You have a fresh recognition of how your theurgy taps into the Starry Road, though you are still far from perfectly measuring such unreality. Thoughts about side topics and new applications stir in your head.

Conduits of Creative Forces [CONDUITS]

- Feeling lofty with devotion and prayer, you lift your thoughts to the divinity which trickles down to Elanthia every passing moment. What is invisible to Dwarf eyes becomes bright tapestries in your soul, and you delve into their secrets.

- Breakthrough! Memories emerge brisk and vivid in your soul's eye, rejuvenated of their own accord by sheer proximity to the divine conduits. You realize you have long known how to proceed.

Metaphysics of Law, Authority, and Soul [METAPHYSICS]

- You begin to consider the grittier implications of an existence defined by consciousness and spirituality.

- Breakthrough! You have made some valuable inferences concerning the exploitation of planar metaphysics, just nothing momentous in particular.

Echelons of Divine Life [DIVINE]

- Driven by your intimate nearness to the gods, you wonder at length about their origins -- whether a mortal might light the fire of divinity. Purely theoretically, of course.

- Breakthrough! You conclude that origination of divine life in either our plane or the gods' own is decidedly impossible, at least by mortal hand. An aspiring creator is then left with the task of looking elsewhere.

Fortieth Immortal [FORTIETH]

- Assured in your faith that the gods act through you in all things, you start imagining a new god, an addition to the pantheon that can reinforce it against myriad evils. What sorts of influence would it exert?

- Breakthrough! Even though you come to disabuse yourself of the hubris that is the Fortieth Immortal, your findings prove enlightening. Rather than a true god with self-awareness and self-subsistence, an immanent construct of the Dwarf soul seems much more viable. Further, you have a better inkling for the way to ignite that first spark.

Antinomic Sorcery [ANTINOMIC]

- You begin to push your theurgy to the edge in radical ways you were never taught by a guildleader.

- Breakthrough! As your emotions come to a boil, you feel that you have achieved a sound grasp of the antinomic principle. The magic you seek deals with the creation and empowerment of an artificial godling, manifest from the fabric of one's own soul. You are prepared to advance theory into a genuine spell, but some misgivings linger nonetheless.

Applied Antinomy: Aspects of the All-God [ALL]

- Eager to put your craft to use, you start to research Applied Antinomy: Aspects of the All-God. You contemplate what you already know of this particular expression of Antinomic Sorcery.

- Monotheism is a rare thing in Elanthia, and yet every yokel hears of the All-God early in life. Our guildsmen are taught to extol the disparate virtues of the Thirteen, but at the same time, how could one abjure what is essentially the sum of their beliefs? And so the All-God ever exists in the margins of other religions -- the god of gods who are mere facets of creation. Harnessing such a deep-rooted mythos comes easy to an antinomic godling. Coaxed by the right Elemental blend, it might assume any facet that is convenient for its sorcerer, or all of them, albeit in ways poorly understood.

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