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433 Gift

  • During the Chris' Mass Festival 433 (2019) event, there was a neon green gift box that you could pull the following gift from:

pre-433 Atelier map

In the Atelier, the map changed. Below is the previous version: Badly scribbled on and partially burnt map of Su Helmas:

This map has been burnt at the edges, that the landscape surrounding Su Helmas is unrecognizable.
Unintelligble writing sprawls across the map as well, peppered with equations and diagrams that make little sense.

pre-433 Foyer food

In 433, the cookie on the table changed. Below are the items found previously:

On the cloth-covered table
Item Price Done
white frosted sugar cookies shaped like otters on a ceramic plate 0   

pre-429 Office

There were some updates to the Office that were documented during the Chris' Mass Festival 429. The following is the previous version of the office.


[Evike's Office, Foyer]
In the middle of the domed ceiling, a large cut glass chandelier descends to illuminate the inlaid wooden floor in the center of the room. Various stained glass skylights dot the ceiling in an artfully haphazard fashion, each one a different scene of Elanthian history. Along the western wall, a long cloth-covered table has been covered with various objet d'art. Against the opposite wall, a plush velvet settee rests on the pale green marbled flooring that runs the edge of the room, offsetting the large carved double door at the northern end of the room.
You also see a bright orange rhomboid portal and a set of large carved double doors.
Obvious exits: none.

On the cloth-covered table
Item Price Done
ripe Ilithi peach 0   
Elf-shaped chocolate chip cookies frosted to resemble Teiro on a ceramic plate 0   

An alabaster statue of the stylized likeness of Teiro:

Although made of exquisite, translucent white alabaster, the artisan has captured a rugged look about Teiro.
His pale hair and skin contrast with the two dark ovals of almhara that have been placed for eyes.
The stance of the statue recalls a general rallying his troops with a vibrant speech.

Set of large carved double doors:

Made of two solid pieces of rich copperleaf wood, each panel has been carved in exquisite detail.
The left door depicts representations of Keloryon and Celestidhl standing together over Elanthia spreading
their arms wide as if giving their blessing to the planet.  The carving on the right door takes a more sinister turn,
showing in great detail Sorril stabbing Rivyn in the heart with Kanton's sword, Glisinais.

Plush plum velvet settee with carved blackthorn legs:

The quilted heliotrope-hued fabric has been secured at intervals with plain hemitite fasteners.
Hovered several inches off the ground, it is supported by solid blackthorn legs carved with scenes of Grazhir shattering.


[Evike's Office, Library]
Sconces and tall candle stands dot intervals of floor space in this wooden paneled room as very little light enters in naturally from the one window connected to a garden to the east. Bookshelves encompass all of the remaining wall space that is not taken up by other pieces of furniture. A wide selection of reading material can be seen from a cursory glance at the shelves, treatises on art and history stand next to ancient volumes on Kermorian lore and royal bloodlines. A lone locked glass-fronted cabinet holds rare tomes and fragile scrolls. A glass garden door streams light in near a huge aganylosha'a wood desk and a small door sits behind the desk itself, nearly hidden from view.
You also see a set of carved doors, a garden door made entirely of glass with a carved brass handle and a small door designed to blend into the wall.
Obvious exits: none.

You reach into a pink wooden gift box and feel around for a moment. Your hand closes around something! As you slowly pull your arm free, you find yourself with a goose turd-hued gift sack!

Inside the a goose turd-hued gift sack, you see:

On the wood bookshelves you see some books.

As you scan through the titles on the tightly packed bookshelves, you see titles such as, 'Modus Operandi: Why Throwing Your Gun is Better than Firing It',
and 'Gemstone IV: Liabo -- Yeah, It's Going to Explode and Kill You All' crammed in next to dictionaries, language books and inexplicably, several treatises on

Ban-minahle glass cabinet:

As you scan through the items on shelves of the cabinet, you see titles such as, 'Bloodlines of Zoluren',
'Things Everyone Should Know About a Monarchy: Lesson One -- You Don't Vote', and 'Come and See the Violence Inherent
in the System: A Guide to Absolute Power' next to several rotting scrolls and chipped runestones.

On the aganylosha'a desk you see a silver tipped nadira writing quill, a cut crystal inkwell and an organized stack of papers.:

This desk has been polished to a high sheen, which only lends shine to the faint glowing of the dozens of pure white
thealstones that have been masterfully inlaid in the pattern of the constellations of the Elanthian heavens all over the
periphery while still providing a smooth, flat writing surface.

Set of carved doors:

Carved on this side of the doors, one panel shows the World Dragon hatching from Grazhir in a fury of shards and fire.
The second panel has been stained in addtion to being carved to give realism to the fire that engulfs a helpless Elanthia.


[Evike's Office, Atelier]
A huge steel desk sits in the middle of this small room, filled with bits and trinkets that are half finished. Intricately engraved, etched and damascened masks of famous Elanthian leaders line the walls in between unreadable blueprints and maps. A huge glass globe of concentrated fire hangs from the ceiling to give light to this windowless room. A small door on the western wall has been fitted with several locks to ensure maximum privacy when desired.
You also see a small wooden door covered with gouges from throwing darts.
Obvious exits: none.

A damascened mask of the stylized face of the first Emperor Verek wrought in palladium.

The likeness of a strong-jawed human male has been wrought in shining palladium.
Eyes have been made out of gleaming onyx, while a small smile of superiority graces the lips giving the mask a smug look.

An etched keismin mask in a stylized likeness of the S'Kra Mur Empress Merthamone.

Made of blackened keismin, in the visage of a S'Kra Mur woman with detailing in silver to outline the scaling this mask has been designed
to give off an air of regal bearing while glittering faceted eyes of emerald catch available light, giving a playful sparkle to the mask.

An engraved silversteel mask of Ferdahl Vemrin affixed with a shock of black hair and opal eyes.

Made of engraved silversteel, this visage of an Elothean male has been polished to give shine to the metal which
also conveys the pale sickliness that has been associated with Ferdahl Vemrin.  Real black hair has been attached to the
crown of the mask, while golden opal eyes have been set into the eye sockets, giving the mask the look of a savant.

On the steel desk:

an articulated humanoid model:
You touch an articulated humanoid model that looks suspiciously like Vorclaf Lasa'Sorvendig.
a lump of half-sculpted clay:
You touch a lump of clay that appears to have once been an Elf, but now has a fistprint smashed in the middle of it.

Some confusing blueprints:

While the blueprints themselves are virtually unintelligible, the words 'Sidhlot-a-tron 5000' has been written in the corner.

Badly scribbled on and partially burnt map of Su Helmas:

This map has been burnt at the edges, that the landscape surrounding Su Helmas is unrecognizable.
Unintelligble writing sprawls across the map as well, peppered with equations and diagrams that make little sense.


[Evike's Office, Charbagh]
This quadrilateral garden is divided by small paths of flowing water that break the garden up into four equal parts with each meeting in a central square fountain. Each section contains rarer flowers such as butterfly orchids and hex lilies, interspersed with common flora, such as globemallow and phofe. A massive dragonwood tree in the back section has a large rope swing attached to one of the lower branches. Surrounding the in ground fountain are four benches facing outward towards the flowers. A glass door to the south appears out of place, and has been surrounded by ivy and twining maiden's tresses to lessen its harsh effect.
You also see a garden door made entirely of glass with a carved brass handle.
Obvious paths: none.

Can pick:

Charbagh Central Fountain

[Evike's Office, Charbagh Central Fountain]
Cool blue tile encloses the fountain here giving the water an inviting cyan-hue, and a line of glowstone has been placed around the fountain edges that are flush with the ground itself. A set of four tiled steps lead back up to the garden.
Obvious paths: out.

In the branches of a dragonwood tree

[Evike's Office, In the branches of a dragonwood tree]
From this leafy outlook high above the charbagh, there is the faintest winking of fireflies in the garden below, and the angled light coming from the glass garden door. The cool night breeze causes the limbs to sway slightly. Some polished haon slats have been tucked between two close branches to form a lookout spot.
Obvious paths: none.