Chris' Mass Festival 429

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Chris' Mass Festival 429 is a free festival held in December 2018.


Players that log into the game during the festival (starting on December 23rd), will have a stuffed mistletoad tote delivered to them. This item will be placed into a free hand, can be delivered to any location around Elanthia (no need to travel to the festival to pick it up), and either in or out of combat. This will happen a few minutes after you log in.

  • A stuffed mistletoad tote appears in your right hand in a sparkling shimmer of light!

Location and Map

  • portal is on the Town Green

Map and Shops


a large bunny pen

Game Master Places

note: not all GM offices will be open all of the festival; they are open at the GM's time & discretion.


If you ASK SNOWMAN ABOUT TITLE, you will randomly receive one of the following titles:

Gift Wrapping

The Cheerful Elven peddler is available for all your gift wrapping needs!

Picked Flowers & Food