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A fount or mana fount is an piece of limited-use tools equipment used during the Enchanting process. A large variety of founts exist to deal with multiple types of crafting materials.

A fount serves as a focus for mana stream manipulation, and will impact the final product in several ways. One example is that founts can be manipulated by the user to change color on the fly.

The fount sets the maximum amount of sigil precision an item can possess. If you use a 20 capacity fount and then scribe 50 precision sigils, you'll just be wasting the sigils. If you use a 99 capacity fount with 20 precision sigils, you aren't taking advantage of the fount but you aren't going to risk any danger either. (Kodius, 6.14.2020)


The following fixed-value properties will vary from fount to fount depending on the quality of the base components used during crafting, the skill of the crafter and the configuration of the tools used.

  • Each fount will have exhaustible charges.
  • Each fount will be capable of working with either a Minor, Lesser, Greater or Major enchantment.
  • Each fount will be capable of working with Common, Uncommon, Rare or Ultra Rare base component materials.


You can SHAKE a fount to bonus one of the statistics on the final product. The color chosen will be random on each SHAKE. The weighting effect varies by enchantment for each color available. An example for weapon flares would be: Magnitude/Proc Chance/Durability. The following table lists the color associated with the property that is bonused:

Color Bonus To Bonus Type Notes
Gray Artificing, Fluff & Utility Durability for trinkets (and others?) this means more charges
Red Artificing, Fluff & Utility Magnitude improvement to potency (?)
Red Artificing, Magical Foci Magnitude improves the strength of the effect (ie. more damage or accuracy)
Yellow Artificing, Fluff & Utility Activation makes it easier to use/activate, conservation of charges
Yellow Artificing, Magical Foci Activation decreases activation roundtime, in addition to any effect on skill requirements


Modifies Enchantment Difficulty/Magnitude

Type Enchantment Tier Notes
Rough Minor
Coarse Lesser
Textured Greater
Grooved Major


Must match the Tier of the mats used in the underlying enchantment. Fail, and boom.

Type Material Tier Notes
Fragile Common
Thin Uncommon
Thick Rare
Heavy Ultra Rare