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Drathrok's Assemblage
Event Drathrok's Duskruin 421
Owner Drathrok DuskruinDrathrok Duskruin
# of Rooms 2
Store Type Crafting shops, Magic shops, Weapon shops
This store only accepts Duskruin Bloodscrip

Drathrok's Assemblage

[Drathrok's Assemblage]
Shelves, racks and all manner of surfaces are neatly placed into rows throughout the tent's interior. Wide pathways maneuver between them, allowing ample room for browsing and discussions. A giant banner hanging from the tent's supports proclaims, "All sales final! No refunds! SHOP carefully!"
You also see a shadowed entrance leading to a back room, a bucket of viscous gloop, a canvas flap, and the back corner.

small curio that looks slightly larger than it did before
Item Price Done
copper Gnomish gadget 900   
silver Gnomish gadget 1,500   
golden Gnomish gadget 2,400   
"These items zap some bags and make them bigger! The golden gadget will work ONLY three times, silver ONLY twice and copper ONLY once! BZZZ!"
upraised palm
Item Price Done
colorful rat chalk 10   
light rat chalk 10   
heavy rat chalk 20   
glass display
Item Price Done
stained parchment - 'Duskruin Arena Hero' title 25   
crumpled parchment - 'Duskruin Arena Heroine' title 25   
scorched parchment - 'Duskruin Arena Combatant' title 25   
marred parchment - 'Duskruin Arena Champion' title 25   
torn parchment - 'Rat Catcher' title 25   
You can't buy these unless you have the title up when getting them (or are holding your rat for the torn parchment). They will bond to you, as well. These will give you a title under TITLE LIST CUSTOM. There is no reason to buy more than one of each.
driftwood trunk
Item Price Done
spiraling wand of blackened silver - Harm Evil 8,000   !!
translucent quartz amulet etched with roses - Blood Staunching 6,000   !!
blue glass bottle with a crackled interior - Wisdom of the Pack 5,000   
blackened fang capped with a ruby teardrop - Huldah's Pall 8,000   
tightly rolled scroll of blackened paper - Soul Sickness 8,000   
small bog oak statuette of a man - Ignite 5,000   
A sign reads:
"Improve your performance in the arena! Impress your friends! Burn rivals. These devices have been constructed to the finest standards and will replenish their energy over time. Purchase of all devices are AS IS and no warranty is offered."
thin metal box with rope handles
Item Price Done
medicated bandage - RUB the medicated bandage to heal bleeding wounds 10,000   
tiny stand
Item Price Done
darkened leather hip pouch branded with a rolled scroll 350   
A sign reads:
"I've placed a single scroll within this pouch. It could be some great lost spell from ages past, or it could be Air Bubble. The only way to find out is to purchase it. No refunds, returns or exchanges allowed!"
large trestle table
Item Price Done
infuser stone 1,125   
A parchment note reads:
"These infuser stones are one half of what has been dubbed 'Fleintoore's Folio'. They can enhance an item to be used more frequently or just more in general -- a recharge of sorts."
large folding counter
Item Price Done
potency crystal 1,200   
A note card reads:
"These potency crystals are one half of what has been dubbed 'Fleintoore's Folio'. They can empower certain items with additional features or strengthen existing ones, among other abilities."
wooden counter
Item Price Done
small chest - Contains dyes 250   
sturdy backpack - Contains bone stacks 250   
large chest - Contains metals 275   !!
leather pouch - Contains fabrics 250   
traveler's knapsack - Contains leather 250   
large canvas sack - Contains stone 250   
woven sack - Contains random 200   !!
A sign reads:
"These containers were assembled by Seamstress Zasele and associates. She did not disclose what was contained within, other than a random assortment of gems, coins and materials. They may be purchased without limit or restriction."
sturdy large shelf
Item Price Done
pair of boots crafted of reddish felt bristled with black - hauled upon the sixteen jointed legs 1,000   !!
badger slippers with bared ivory teeth at the toes 150   
black rat pelt boots with beady black eyes at the toes 1,000   !!
Rub for temporary custom travel messaging (charges)
wheeled cart with a canvas canopy
Item Price Done
steel armband inlaid with bright gold musical notes 3,500   !!
rough cut niniam stud set with silver stars 3,500   
pair of sapphire earrings edged in black diamonds 3,500   
white ironwood brooch sculpted into an oak leaf 3,500   
twisted oath ring of sandstone and silvered glass 3,500   
wide choker crafted from overlapping muracite scales 3,500   
crystalline pendant set between polished onyx claws 3,500   !!
blackened silver circlet adorned with spiraling vines and piercing thorns 3,500   
skein of braided silk tied in a love knot 3,500   
creeping vela'tohr vine earcuff 3,500   
Favor Savers
woven basket
Item Price Done
small pocket calendar framed in darkly stained wood 500   !!
rickety handcart with two wheels
Item Price Done
cascading earrings of inky pitch pearls - pike 7000   !!
crudely-hewn band of dark bog oak - halberd 7000   !!
bone torque crudely engraved with spiders - nightstick 7000   !!
A notecard reads:
"These jewelry pieces were thought lost to time, but a large crate was recently discovered in an innkeeper's cellar! They're imbued with a particular magic that will summon blunt weapons, so we're told."
Exoskeletal Weapons
ramshackle folding rack
Item Price Done
shining gold tuner - holy 1,600   
bright silver tuner - lunar 1,600   
patinated copper tuner - life 1,600   
scintillating electrum tuner - elemental 1,600   
A parchment scroll reads:
"These items are not for the faint of heart. It takes one skilled in the ways of triage and first aid. While a novice may muddle through, the experience could be quite gruesome. These devices will empower one to sense other forms of mana nearby, but NOT how to draw upon it."
wooden slab
Item Price Done
sturdy iron strongbox inlaid with coins of bronze and silver - currency exchanger 2,000   !!
silver tray
Item Price Done
cloisonne tart pendant bursting with gem fruits 2,750   !!
wide copper bracelet striated with lumium 2,750   
elegant silver earcuff shaped like a basket filled with berries 2,750   
polished brass ring bearing a tiny trestle table 2,750   
Food Creation Jewelry
woven net
Item Price Done
bone blowgun with a leather grip 200   
blowgun darts 50   !!
shadowed shelf tucked in a corner
Item Price Done
dusky black leather armband tooled with a battle scene - omni-hider 25,000   !!
sturdy hook on the wall
Item Price Done
supple leather pack in tones of brown and green - This pack is 15 spans by 10 spans by 5 spans, and you can tie two items to it. The straps will hold pouches, sacks, bags, haversacks, and belts. 7,500   !!

Back Corner

[Drathrok's Assemblage, Back Corner]
Much like the main expanse of the tent, surfaces here are neatly arranged. The quality of wares here is higher, and a banner hanging from the back wall of the tent proclaims, "Items here are limited or otherwise special in some way. Purchase before someone beats you to it!"
You also see the main area.

NOTE: Contains items whose prices increase per purchase. Not all items will be there at the start. Inventory stocking will be staggered to give everyone a chance to purchase something if they have bloodscrip for it. There might be more items.

ornate alabaster pedestal
Item Price Done
dragon talisman - unique small red and gold dragon with vibrant scales familiar 300,000   
elegant driftwood table
Item Price Done
miniature scale model galleon flying a tiny crimson flag - Drathrok's Plunder, a unique galleon 200,000   !!
simple maple table
Item Price Done
tarnished silver spike - special guardian spirit, 10% price increase per purchase 5,000   !!
large blanket with fringed edges
Item Price Done
highly polished scarlet knee boots with low ebonwood heels - custom movement (carried by Gnomes), 25% price increase per purchase 20,000   !!
These boots contain ten thousand tiny Gnomes. No, really. They do! There are only four pairs, and they'll be sold to the first to claim them. The tiny Gnomes are contracted for 5000 movements, but could be convinced to stay in service longer if desired. Best of luck, and travel in style!
leather-covered trunk
Item Price Done
whimsical bracelet with dangling bottle charms - life-charged booze creation, 10% price increase per purchase 5,000   
The whimsical bracelets on display here have the power to summon special (alcoholic) drinks. Any Life Mage -- Empath or Ranger -- can recharge the bracelet, though there's a brief period between recharges. Only ten of these items will be available, and they'll be sold on a first come first serve basis.
rustic driftwood pushcart
Item Price Done
kertig flameflute with gleaming keys - fire flares, 50% price increase per purchase 30,000   
kertig frostdrum with a reinforced head - ice flares, 50% price increase per purchase 30,000   
kertig sparklute with silversteel strings - electric flares, 50% price increase per purchase 30,000   
These instruments no longer play, but they have been fortified as weapons and imbued with a powerful enchantment that will flare with the power of fire, lightning or ice -- one element per instrument. We only have TWO of each weapon, and they'll be sold on a first-come, first-serve basis!
low wooden workbench
Item Price Done
graceful windboard shaped like a pegasus in flight - trains athletics, 50% price increase per purchase 35,000   !!
Behold, the finest fusion of mechanics and magic! The windboard is a complex device that can be mounted to carry you to and fro. For those inclined to athletic displays, you can perform for onlookers while heightening your own talents! Only TWO of this model will be made available. First come, first serve!
simple maple counter
Item Price Done
lustrous quelium coffer inlaid with coins of gold and platinum - currency exchanger, 50% price increase per purchase 10,000   !!

Back Room

[Drathrok's Assemblage, Back Room]
Lit by a small lantern overhead, stacks of shipping crates are piled high along various points of the canvas walls. Amid the haphazard arrangement are a wide assortment of containers displaying select treasures for purchase.
You also see a canvas flap leading out.

low wooden workbench
Item Price Done
heavy combat boot instructions 5,500   
imbrecated manica instructions 5,500   !!
full-visored galea instructions 5,500   
augmented gladiatorial armor instructions 5,500   
augmented gladiatorial gauntlet instructions 5,500   
Each set of instructions on this table can be used three times!
weapon rack
Item Price Done
void-black partisan swathed in tattered mistsilk 4,500   
whisper thin blade of blackened tyrium 4,500   
midnight black greathammer of roughened haralun 4,500   
ethereal black scepter crafted of haralun 4,500   
black haralun nightstick studded with glaes shards 4,500   
ghastly black dire mace of haralun 4,500   
kertig broadsword with a blackened bone grip 4,500   
Each account may purchase TWO weapons from this rack. These weapons will vanish 30 days after the first use. Choose carefully! Have fun!
low wooden workbench
Item Price Done
champagne diamond 1,000   !!
crimson sapphire 1,000   !!
twilight sapphire 1,000   !!
smoke ruby 1,000   !!
aurora opal 2,000   DG
frostflare opal 2,000   
glacier emerald 2,000   
winter emerald 2,000   
Sunderstone 4,000   No
driftwood trunk
Item Price Done
glistening scorpion diamond 1,000   !!
brilliant bloodmist garnet 1,000   !!
sparkling lightning amethyst 1,000   !!
gleaming cabochon howlite 1,000   No
shimmering viperscale alexandrite 1,000   !!
radiant bearclaw emerald 1,000   !!
vibrant Hekemhhg lazuli 1,000   !!
dazzling Gemfire ruby 1,000   
lustrous Elamiri sapphire 1,000   !!
glistening serpent's head sapphire 1,000   !!
Dalaeji black sapphire 1,500   !!
make-shift pushcart
Item Price Done
trim-sized piece of windstorm gossamer fabric 1,200   !!
trim-sized piece of dragonfire brocade fabric 1,600   
trim-sized piece of Elven snowlace fabric 1,200   !!
trim-sized piece of lava samite fabric 1,100   
trim-sized piece of oceanmist satin fabric 1,000   
trim-sized piece of bluefire velvet fabric 1,200   !!
trim-sized piece of starlight velvet fabric 1,000   
trim-sized piece of duchess satin fabric 1,000   !!
rickety shelf
Item Price Done
trim-sized piece of dragonar fabric 1,000   !!
trim-sized piece of petalette fabric 1,100   !!
trim-sized piece of whisperlayne fabric 1,000   
trim-sized piece of silveress fabric 1,300   !!
trim-sized piece of bloodlace fabric 1,000   !!
trim-sized piece of shadesatin fabric 1,100   
trim-sized piece of sunkissed chiffon fabric 1,200   !!
trim-sized piece of snowflake tulle fabric 1,000   !!