Frostflare opal

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A pale blue stone with flecks of deep blue, white and pale green.

One example: Tiny multihued snowflake-shaped crystals hang suspended in the heart of the frostflare opal.

It is unknown if this material must be provided for alterations.


ItemSource isRare item
Frostflare opalDrathrok's Assemblage (2)Drathrok's Assemblage (3)Drathrok's Assemblage (4)true
Graceful uthamar scepter crowned with an enormous frostflare opalDroughtman's Challenge 430/End loottrue
Smoi leather weapon harnessReturn to the Keep 431/Incidental loottrue
Sophisticated ice-veined leather purse clasped with a frostflare opalDroughtman's Challenge 430/Incidental loottrue

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