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Coal is a material used in crafting, primarily to combine with iron to form steel.

While coal is classified as a metal under the DragonRealms crafting system, and can be found in mines as if it were a metal ore, unlike other crafting metals coal cannot be combined into ingots or other large quantities in a crucible.

Coal does not occupy space within a crucible, and does not contribute to the stats of a mix. Currently, it's sole use is to make steel and will burn off in all other mixes.

Crafting Properties


Workability Potency Efficacy Solubility Toxicity Kron/unit Source
50 50 50 30 40  ? Sedementary rock mining


Hardness Durability Workability Elect Thermal Physical Ductility Capacity Density Value
Source Notes
5 5 50 80 80 5 1 15 1.0  ? sedementary rock mining sedementary rock mining

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