Baguthnu's Forge

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Baguthnu's Forge
Province Zoluren
Town The Crossing
Map Ranik's Map 1
Owner Baguthnu
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Forging shops
Restrictions Paladin, 10th circle
This store only accepts Kronars

[Baguthnu's Forge, Supplies]
A blast of hellish heat greets every visitor who enters the simple wooden shack, and a thin layer of greyish soot covers every surface. The air hangs heavy with the acrid scent of melting steel. A sweating Dwarven attendant leans against the far wall, next to a heavy leather flap through which you can hear a muffled pounding noise. You also see a battered rack with a couple of things on it, an ingot table with several things on it and a soot-smudged notice.
Obvious exits: out.

A soot-smudged notice reads:
The management is not responsible for any lost materials, injuries, or fatalities under any circumstances.
Use equipment at own risk.
On the battered rack
Item Price Done
hilt 1,000   
shaft 937   !!
On the ingot table
Item Price Done
coal dust 62   
copper bar 875   
copper slug 87   
iron bar 1,250   
iron slug 125   
lead bar 1,000   
lead slug 100   
nickel bar 1,687   
nickel slug 168   
tin bar 1,187   
tin slug 118   
zinc bar 1,375   
zinc slug 137