Yalda's Forge (old)

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Note: this shop no longer exists. It was previously found in the Crossing at the site of the Crossing Forging Society.

It has been replaced with the Crossing Forging Society.

{{Store At A Glance 
|Store Name       = Yalda's Forge  
|Province         = Zoluren          
|Town             = The Crossing       
|MapNumber        = 1                
|Owner            = Yalda          
|NumRooms         = 1                
|Store Type       = Forging Supply 

[Yalda's Forge, Supplies]
Yalda's supply room, presided over (or perhaps just haunted) by a young Dwarven attendant, is not much more than a three-sided wooden lean-to. A doorway covered by a leather flap pierces the stone wall that forms its fourth side, and from the doorway resound the clangs of an anvil chorus. You also see a small crate, a battered rack with some stuff on it, a soot-smudged notice and an ingot table with some stuff on it.

In the small crate
Item Price Done
dust bin - Comes with and holds 250 coal dust 1,875   No
hilt case - Comes with and holds 25 hilts 25,000   No
shaft case - Comes with and holds 25 shafts 23,437   !!
On the battered rack
Item Price Done
hilt 1,000   No
shaft 937   !!
On the ingot table
Item Price Done
coal dust 62   
copper bar 875   No
copper slug 87   No
iron bar 1,250   No
iron slug 125   No
lead bar 1,000   No
lead slug 100   No
nickel bar 1,687   
nickel slug 168   
tin bar 1,187   
tin slug 118   
zinc bar 1,375   
zinc slug 137