Reach Forge

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Reach Forge
Province Ilithi
Justice none
Town Blackthorn Canyon
Map Ranik's Map 68a
Owner Unknown
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Crafting shops, Forging shops
This store only accepts Dokoras

[Reach Forge, Forecavern]
A pewter oil lamp hangs on a rusty chain from the shadows above, casting a hazy amber glow on a cluttered countertop and the one-armed attendant behind it. The man's booted foot rests atop a stack of sooty tickets on the counter that awaits purchase by those wishing to buy time at the forge. Occasionally he glances at three hourglasses perched on a rock and grudgingly shuffles through a leather curtain when one runs down. You also see a barely legible notice, a battered wooden rack with some stuff on it, a trestle table with some stuff on it.

Buying a ticket to get into the forge
Item Price Done
ticket 451   No
On a battered wooden rack
Item Price Done
hilt 451   No
hilt 721   No
shaft 451   !!
shaft 676   !!
On a trestle table
Item Price Done
coal dust 45   !!
copper bar 631   No
copper slug 63   No
lead bar 721   No
lead slug 72   No
nickel bar 1,217   !!
nickel slug 121   !!
tin bar 856   !!
tin slug 85   !!
zinc bar 992   !!
zinc slug 99   !!