Turialo's Haven (10)

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Turialo's Haven
Event Dwarven Culture Faire 419
Owner Turialo
# of Rooms 3
Store Type Clothing shops, Jewelry shops
This store only accepts Dokoras

Cavern of Crystals

[Turialo's Haven, Cavern of Crystals]
The interior of the large wagon resembles a freshly split geode, with fist-sized quartz crystals covering the walls. Shining gaethzen orbs are strategically placed within the crystalline structure, giving the area a soft blue glow. Painted to resemble hard dirt, the floor is covered by an ornate purple throw rug, and a large open skylight lets in light from outside.
You also see a sturdy table with several things on it, the wagon door, a thin iron shelf with several things on it and a heavy steel cloak rack with several things on it.
Obvious exits: east, west.

On the sturdy table
Item Price Done
heavy iron ring forged with a hollow setting 27,060   No
wide platinum anklet with a hollow axe-shaped setting 54,120   No
narrow steel torque shaped from twin curved bars 27,060   No
sturdy steelsilk choker with an acenite setting 18,040   No
fine razaksel pendant shaped into a hollow spearhead 45,100   No
large electrum pendant depicting a stylized square knot 27,060   No
heavy iron armband adorned with an axe missing its pommel 45,100   No
These pieces of jewelry are designed to hold small, medium, and large gems.
On the iron shelf
Item Price Done
heavy steel bracelet inset with cabochon rubies 54,120   No
fine copper wristcuff carefully scored with an image of a mountain range 9,020   No
thin covellite bracer formed in a crystalline pattern 6,314   No
black gold bracer accented by thin strips of rencate 18,040   No
wide animite bracelet holding rectangular strips of azurelle 676,500   No
white acenite bracelet embossed with knotwork detailing 27,060   No
darkened iron bracer with cabochon emerald highlights 7,216   
On the cloak rack
Item Price Done
long-sleeved frieze longcoat with large onyx buttons 27,060   No
crimson damask greatcloak adorned with silver knotwork 36,080   
finely spun brocade greatcloak emblazoned with a map of Hibarnhvidar 18,040   No
black nightsilk greatcloak reinforced with steel studs 135,300   No
deep brown brocade cloak embroidered with a steel hammer 36,080   No
coal black steelsilk greatcloak accented with razaksel buttons 18,040   No
full samite greatcloak dyed with a fractured gemstone pattern 13,530   
heavy grey cloak embroidered with a pattern of diamonds 36,080   No
These are verby and have a pocket that measures 3 x 3 x 3 (200 stones).

Cavern of Minerals

[Turialo's Haven, Cavern of Minerals]
Decorated to resemble a small cave, the interior of the wagon is only dimly lit, mostly from the blue glow of crystals coming from the east. Horizontal bands of various minerals are visible within the walls, showcasing dracon crystal and other alchemical ingredients in their raw state. A mining pick rests in the corner of the room next to a small pile of raw ore.
You also see a small windowed door, a wide wooden crate, an iron jewelry tree with several things on it and a wide table with several things on it.
Obvious exits: west.

In the wooden crate
Item Price Done
elegant dress of crimson steelsilk accented with gold stenciling 18,040   No
sleeveless muslin tunic stitched with a myriad of weapons 22,550   No
steel grey tunic crafted from layers of wool and steelsilk 18,040   No
dark brown wool tunic laced with black rawhide 7,216   No
tailored knee-length vest crafted from thick red silk 9,020   No
loose white muslin tunic embroidered with Dwarven axes 10,824   No
sturdy farandine tunic stenciled with a pattern of interlocking ravens 8,118   No
heavy black linen tunic accented with dark rencate pauldrons 13,530   No
flowing tunic of double layered grey steelsilk 22,550   !!
On the jewelry tree
Item Price Done
blackened iron bracelet studded with tiny crystals 40,590   No
intricately carved acenite armband with a cavern entrance 10,824   No
heavy platinum necklace with oversized links 36,080   No
blackened steel anklet twisted into a double loop 18,040   No
star-shaped razaksel pendant with a hollow center 22,550   No
sturdy rencate locket formed into sturdy double doors 22,550   No
large iron pendant decorated with black filigree 16,236   No
These jewelry pieces are designed to hold medium, large, and huge gems.
On the wide table
Item Price Done
deep crimson zibeline shirt laced up the front with white rawhide 225,500   No
sturdy linen mining shirt adorned with acenite buttons 171,380   
dark red stammel shirt emblazoned with crossed axes 162,360   No
black nightsilk gown decorated at the wrists with rencate strips 207,460   No
sleeveless evening gown dyed in cream and cinnamon shades 180,400   No
coal black steelsilk dress hemmed with acenite beads 153,340   
midnight black tafetta gown streaked with numerous saffron-hued rays 135,300   No
rough steelsilk tunic with a high emerald-studded collar 108,240   
sturdy grey leather tunic reinforced with razaksel studs 198,440   No
dark brown tunic studded with acenite buttons 72,160   No

Cavern of Metals

[Turialo's Haven, Cavern of Metals]
Domed at the top, and covered with a thin layer of rough grey stone, the interior of the caravan strongly resembles the interior of a mining cavern. Veins of sparkling metal cover each wall, ranging from iron to gold and silver, with gaethzen orbs in the ceiling providing plenty of light. Resting in the corner of the room, a small cart is filled to the brim with raw ore.
You also see a sturdy deobar coffer, a poorly made ironwood strongbox, a copper skippet, a worm-eaten silverwood chest, a pile of junk and a large sign that you should READ.
Obvious exits: east.

A large sign that you should READ reads:

Strongbox -- Beard Jewelry for Her
Coffer -- Beard Jewelry for Him
Skippet -- Feature-enhancing Facial Jewelry
Chest -- Temporary Feature Enhancements

I don't know why the junk pile is here but
certain people won't let me get rid of it. -T
In the deobar coffer
Item Price Done
set of heavy gold rings studded with square-shaped crystals 198,440   
wide steel clip etched with a black filigree knotwork design 148,830   
strips of rawhide leather beaded with carved white acenite 144,320   
long steel tubes studded with oval-cut diamonds 153,340   
wide iron bands heavily forged with a raven pattern 162,360   !!
Beard Jewelry for Him
In the ironwood strongbox
Item Price Done
elaborate beard clip made from ruby-studded platinum 171,380   No
set of crimson ribbons accented by tiny red crystals 135,300   No
length of steelsilk fabric cut at one end into numerous ribbons 234,520   No
thin electrum chains that attach to tiny clips 198,440   No
fine silver bands studded with tiny crystals 162,360   No
Beard Jewelry for Her
In the copper skippet
Item Price Done
fine acenite earcuff embossed with metal ingots 153,340   
handful of semiprecious gems in all colors of the rainbow 139,810   
heavy steel necklace set with a princess-cut ruby 144,320   
pair of thin iron-rimmed spectacles 117,260   
slender steel nose ring accented with a tiny crystal 99,220   
pair of forged iron earrings shaped in a slightly twisted spiral 108,240   
Feature-enhancing Facial Jewelry
In the silverwood chest
Item Price Done
pinch of silvery powder 6,314   
sample of aged ale 5,412   
bit of loose coal 451   
pinch of iron dust 2,706   
bit of forge soot 1,804   
Temporary Feature Enhancements
In the junk
Item Price Done
sufil sap 45   
fine wooden hairbrush carved with an intricate pattern of gems 1,804   No
soft-bristled hairbrush with a steel backing 10,824   No
small silverwood hairbrush carved with a pickaxe and shovel 2,706   No
frosted sugar cookie 180   !!
hunk of animite ore 9   !!
tiny kertig tear 9   !!
massive silversteel ingot 9   !!