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Morph items are items that have the ability to change aspects of their design without a GameMaster alteration. There are a number of different types, but the most common are:

  • Color: Multiple colors are available
  • Location: Multiple worn locations are available
  • Description: Multiple variations of the TAP, or to the noun, are available. These will include reversible items.
  • Flower display: The addition of a picked flower will modify the look of the item.

Additionally, some items may be included in multiple groups. For example, the Shapeless grey blob that appears to be formed from hazy dark smoke will be found in the Color, Location and Description sub-groups as the player has the ability to modify all 3 of those options on demand.


As with many items, the use of STUDY will often reveal the full details of variations available to the item. In general, most morph items also follow these rules:

  • RUB will be used to change the color on an item.
  • PULL will be used to change a secondary affect, such as shimmering, or to turn on and off an ATMOSPHERE effect.
  • TURN will be used to swap between 2 descriptions on a reversible item.
  • See Thryntyrlz' bags for common location morph verbs.
  • See the Morph Pets spreadsheet for the description tiers found on morph pet items.
  • For the flower display items:
*PUT: put a flower ON the <item>
*CLEAN: remove the current flower embroidered on the <item>
*RUB: Change the <item>'s color
*POKE: Change the embroidery pattern
*TAP: Change the flower used in the embroidery


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