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There are hundreds of pickable flowers and foods found throughout Elanthia. In most cases, the flowers can be worn as a jewelry item.

Decay & Preservation

Most picked flowers will decay over time and eventually disintegrate. To make each flower permanent, apply a Preservative Potion or ask a Ranger to Beseech the Wind to Preserve.
In addition to being worn as a jewelry item on their own, the non-preserved flowers may also be used on the flower patterns sold at festival shops such as Nidia's Floral Arrangements. Applying a preservative potion to a picked flower will make it ineligible for use with the patterns.
If you do not preserve a flower, you will see changes as it decays. If you wish to stop the decay with the modified TAP, you can still apply a preservative potion at any time until the flower physically disintegrates. A typical decay cycle will have the following appearances:

  • a flower
  • a wilted flower
  • This state will occur approximately 4 in-game hours after the flower has been picked.
  • If the flower is being worn, you will note the following message when it wilts:
You notice your <flower> is starting to droop.
  • SMELL will always be "You sniff at a wilted <flower> and inhale a faded floral fragrance." before preservation.
  • a dead flower
  • This state will occur approximately 1 in-game hour after the flower reaches the wilted state.
  • SMELL will always be "You sniff at a dead <flower> and inhale a slightly sweet, dusty smell." before preservation.
  • disintegration
  • This state will occur approximately 1 in-game hour after the flower reaches the dead state.
  • When the flower reaches this state, it will physically disappear from your inventory.
  • If the flower is worn at the time of disintegration, you will note the following message:
Your dead <flower> crumbles into a fine dust.

Flowers by Location

Use the following pages to check out the flowers you can pick in your neighborhood:







Common Picked Flowers






Randomly Generated Flowers

There are a number of places within the game where a flower may not always be available to pick but rather is handed out or randomized by an NPC or plant. These include:

  • vela'tohr flower (color varies, picked by the gardener) - Crossing Temple Grounds, Garden
  • Glythtide's Garden roses (color and style randomly generated) - Leth Deriel, Shrine, A Rose Garden (Cleric-only)
  • Carillon goose (random choice of flowers picked and dropped by the goose) - Mer'Kresh, Carillon Garden

Rare Flowers

Many items are rare and limited to festivals and quests to find. While many of the following flower types have not yet been found to pick yet, they exist within the game through use on items and/or a GameMaster release note and may be of academic interest until a pickable version is located.

Category:Rare flowers

Common Picked Food

In addition to the multitude of foods found at inns, stores and other locations, there are a fair number of free food items you can pick while exploring. These stand-alone picked foods will be found on the corresponding city picked flower pages linked above.
Although the herbs found in the Glythtide's Garden area act similar to the flowers (they can be worn, they decay, etc.) the SMELL's for these are more in line with medicinal herbs than with flowers. A few of the items picked, such as the garlic, are reminiscent of the picked foods found elsewhere.
While most foods are picked year round, there are also a few seasonal gardens. The items you will find in each of the following gardens will change depending on the Season of the year.

Province City Location Restrictions
Forfedhdar Hibarnhvidar Gor'Tog District
Forfedhdar Hibarnhvidar Hibarnhvidar Orphanage
Qi'Reshalia Aesry Aesry Highlands
Qi'Reshalia Aesry Aesry Meadowlands
Zoluren The Crossing Willow Walk