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GameMaster Avrienne Winthoren
Rank GM
Type Unknown
Tenure Past


You notice an odd, almost godly aura about Avrienne.

You see GameMaster Avrienne Winthoren, a Wedding Present.
She is a slender Elf with delicately pointed ears, creamy white skin and innocent looking blue eyes the color of a summer sky. Most of her silky red-gold hair falls loosely past her waist, but several tendrils creep up to form tight curls that tickle her cheeks when she's not looking.
She is too old to be as innocent as she looks.
She is in good shape.

She is holding a wooden stick in her right hand.
She is wearing a pair of grey leather slippers with dented steel toes, a supple leather tool belt dangling a pincushion shaped like a broken heart, an onion-shaped pin, a necklace of glistening dewdrops, a brightly polished platinum badge, some torn spidersilk stockings, a pale grey watersilk skirt worked with creamy ivory pearls, an ivory spidersilk chemise with full sleeves, a loosely-laced bodice of pale grey watersilk and a dull steel wren amulet suspended from a grey leather cord.