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GameMaster Bartlebee Scrivener
Rank SGM
Type DEV
Tenure Past

Spotlight On Staff

Positions & Contributions

  • Worlds Lead Assistant
  • Culture Lead (Libraries, Races, History, and Languages)
  • Language Guru
  • GameMaster for 10+ years
  • Dira system


You notice an odd, almost godly aura about Bartlebee.

You see GameMaster Bartlebee Scrivener, a Halfling Moon Mage.
He has brown eyes, cropped grey hair, and pale skin.
Bartlebee has transcended time.
He has a short bristly mustache on his upper lip and a short prickly beard.
He is in good shape.

He is holding a Caelia satchel in his left hand.
He is wearing a set of full leather armor with a shark triskel worked in cowrie shell, a leather badge, a souvenir sack, a ring made from braided strands of brushed gold set with sea-green emeralds, a gerbil launcher, a small gold badge engraved with the words "HUG A HOST!", a leather dispatch case, a bright red sack and a pin with a cluster of small silver stars.