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GameMaster Ambellina Delbarzin
Rank Unknown
Type Unknown
Tenure Past

You notice an odd, almost godly aura about Ambellina.

You see Ambellina Delbarzin, an Elven Thief.
The hue of her exotic silver eyes is enhanced by a dark, almost steely grey circle of color along the outer edge of her irises. Her lashes are thick, rimmed with kohl and framed by elegantly arched brows. Lily-white skin is accentuated by silky black hair that falls to her waist and stirs restlessly, even without the slightest trace of a breeze. A sheer veil covers the lower half of her face adding a touch of mystery. Though short for an elf, her lithe frame hints at both strength and grace.
Her age is hard to discern, but she looks to be in her prime for an Elf.
She is in good shape.

She is wearing a sequin edged scarf of sapphire silk that drapes fluidly around the neck, a veil of sheer nightsilk draped across her nose and cheeks to obscure the lower half of her face, a sleek pair of black leather boots that cuff just below mid-thigh, an odd silver ring covered in dents and dings, an elaborate back-laced corset crafted from a slew of overlapping shrike feathers, a battered leather pack, a twilight-hued nightsilk moneybelt interwoven with fine platinum chain, a lavish skirt of tattered nightsilk gypsy scarves cunningly wrapped to drape low along the hipline, a pair of animite wristcuffs laced with a myriad of long flowing scarves, a silvery nightsilk dancing veil, a diamond band and a diminutive crossbow elegantly draped with nightsilk scarves that flow freely from an ultra-light stock.