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GameMaster Danalae
Rank SGM
Type DEV
Tenure Past

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You see GameMaster Danalae T'Aliesan

She is wearing the severed head of Prince Charming dangling from her belt and a whole lot of stuff, none of which matches.

- - -

You see Danalae T'Aliesan, an Elven bard.
Flowers have been braided in her long russet hair, while a mischievious dimple, tilted jade eyes and copper skin combine in a charming manner. A small black cat walks beside her, purring as it twines about her ankles.
Mistress Danalae looks suspiciously young for her job.

She is holding a vivid green satin rosette in her right hand.

She is wearing a softly flowing gown of heavy cream silk with a knee-length vest of deep blue damask, a sapphire-studded collar hung with a tinkling silver bell, a golden pin emblazoned with the emblem of the Right Honorable Wicked Stepmothers Travelling Drinking and Debating Society and a slightly crooked halo.