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GameMaster Atrathien Stormcrafter
Rank CE
Type Unknown
Tenure Past

Positions & Contributions


You notice a soothing, almost benevolent aura about Atrathien.

You see Atrathien Stormcrafter, an Elothean Runesmith.
He has deep sapphire-blue eyes with pupils shaped like bolts of lightning, thick blue-black hair that falls in a wild mane about his shoulders, and smooth alabaster skin.

Atrathien has his right hand buried deep in the blue mane of his familiar, the white winged-lion Sarabian, while his left hand unconsciously runs along the length of the Starforger's war hammer which hangs from his belt.

He is wearing a sapphire blue pouch embroidered in gold thread with mystic runes, a large sapphire in which is bound an elemental, some slippers, a belt of midnight blue leather interwoven with a silver chain which holds glowing runestones, a pair of black leather riding boots, a black leather smith's apron, a large sack, some blue robes, a pair of loose black cotton pants gathered tightly at the waist and ankles, an obsidian torque set with diamonds and sapphires carved to resemble mystic runes, a midnight black cloak embroidered about the edges in silver and blue thread with shimmering runes, a thin headband with the crest of the Warrior Mage guild burned into the soft leather and a large gold armband inlaid in black opal with images of a storm-swept sea.