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The MANA command displays your current attunement to mana streams, with an ascii graph if you are set to HARNESS VERBOSE.


You have a complete attunement to the mana flowing through this area.

Attunement: [0%>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>50%>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>100%]

Use MANA HELP for more.

If you have a scroll temporarily memorized, MANA will also tell you how much attunement you need to keep before you lose the spell. This is indicated by an S, as shown below.

Attunement: [0%>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>S>>50%>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>100%]

Bardic Usage

For Bards, the MANA command has an additional use not listed under its help function. This usage is: MANA SONG [##]

This command will set all of your Enchantes to be sung at ## mana. Please be aware this amount is harnessed on each section of the Enchante and not just at the beginning.

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