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Caution.png Note that the following article is not necessarily accurate as it is a chronicling of data on player-owned locations. Because this is census data concerning player-owned establishments, housing or locations, the data on this page may be out of date or may be have been edited for privacy. These pages should not include any player information on non-publicly accessible locations or information considered game-secrets.

At a Glance Listing for Housing in province of Ilithi.

Bloodstone WayShardMiddle
UrbanFreePaladinCity2719 May 2019
Catherine's CourtShardUpperUrbanDoorCity121419 May 2019
Coral CrescentShardLower
UrbanFreeCity92419 May 2019
Crystal ForestShardUpperRuralFree
None12319 May 2019
Crystal ShoreShardUpperRuralFreeNone02019 May 2019
Diamond and Opal StreetsShardMiddle
UrbanFreeCity31419 May 2019
Gilen Otso SteppesShardUpperRuralTreeRangerNone01119 May 2019
Golden Phoenix InnShardUpperUrbanDoorCity3419 May 2019
House of the Steel Dove HousingShardMiddleUrbanDoorElotheansCity4414 January 2015
Lady Atladene's SalonShardUpperUrbanDoorCity0119 May 2019
Lapis Lazuli RoadShardMiddle
UrbanFreeCity81219 May 2019
Milene's Rose InnShardUpperUrbanDoorCity2319 May 2019
Pearl StreetShardMiddleUrbanFreeCity121719 May 2019
Silver Eye InnShardUpperUrbanDoorCity1319 May 2019
South Bridge FlatsShardLower
UrbanDoorCity3519 May 2019
Stormwill TowerShardUpperUrbanDoorWarrior MageCity8819 May 2019
Street of the Four MoonsShardMiddleUrbanFreeCity71219 May 2019
Sunbeam CircleShardUpperRuralFreeNone82419 May 2019
Whitehall CommonsShardMiddleUrbanFree
EmpathCity3819 May 2019