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Description: A property to declare what form a house takes.
Type: string
Allows Value: Door, Free, Knoll, Tree

There are currently 160 items in this property, 0 of which are incomplete, and 0 of which are outdated.

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Abandoned Clan +Door  +
Aesry Highlands +Free  +, Door  +
Aesry Meadowlands +Free  +
Aesry Trader's Guild +Door  +
Ain Ghazal Subterranean Housing +Door  +, Free  +
Almalne Alolan (housing) +Free  +
Apple Blossom Lane\Gooseberry Road +Free  +
Arthe Hollow Inn +Door  +


Backend Holler +Free  +
Barbarian Guildhall (Mer'Kresh) +Door  +, Free  +
Berry Knolls +Door  +, Free  +
Bit For Horses +Door  +
Bloodstone Way +Free  +
Boar Clan Housing +Free  +
Bosque Deriel +Tree  +


Catherine's Court +Door  +
Chanter's Retreat +Free  +
Chelsea Overlook +Free  +
Coral Crescent +Free  +
Crofton Walk +Free  +
Crossing Barbarian Guild Dormitory +Door  +
Crossing Cleric Guild Cloisters +Door  +
Crossing Moon Mage Observatory +Door  +
Crossing Paladin Guild Dormitory +Door  +, Free  +
Crossing Sewer +Door  +
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