Catherine's Court

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[Catherine's Court, Gallery]
Silvery eyes of night peek through the two soaring bay windows swathed in gold damask. Heraldic tapestries hang from the balustrade of the mezzanine above, the woven crests barely visible in the flickering firelight. Long refectory tables adorned with tasseled silk runners present refreshments in gilded platters and dainty crystal cups. The portrait of a noble elven man hangs above the flickering fireplace, looking over those who pass below or stop to sit in the plush velvet chairs. You also see some leaded glass doors leading out to the cloisters.
Obvious exits: south.

On the refectory table
Item Price Done
a loaf of sourdough bread 0   
a bottle of apricot mead 0   
a cauldron of mulled wine 0   
a bowl of creamy corn chowder 0   

Morning Room

[Catherine's Court, Morning Room]
Tall windows follow the curve of the turret walls, allowing light from outside to pool onto the carpeted floor. Pastel colors highlight the ornately carved scallop arches over each window and the shelves set into the sunny yellow walls. A silver tray and chocolate pot gleam from atop an alabaster end table set between two elegant settees. You also see an oak arch.
Obvious exits: none.

On the alabaster table
Item Price Done
a cup of hot chocolate 0   
some chocolate creampuffs 0   
some sugared raspberries 0   


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Catherine's Court
Location: Shard, Ilithi (RanikMap64b)
Class / Type: Upper / Urban
Restrictions: None
Justice: City
Form: Door
Homes (Free): 14 (12)
Last Checked: 19 May 2019

Catherine's Court.gif

Location Category Restrictions Owner Appearance
East Wing - 1 Upper Class, Urban Unclaimed sandalwood door
East Wing - 2 Upper Class, Urban Unclaimed mahogany door
East Wing - 3 Upper Class, Urban Unclaimed witchclaw door
East Wing - 4 Upper Class, Urban Unclaimed maple door carved with the figure of Morganae
West Wing - 5 Upper Class, Urban Unclaimed rosewood door
West Wing - 6 Upper Class, Urban Unclaimed walnut door
West Wing - 7 Upper Class, Urban Unclaimed ebony door
West Wing - 8 Upper Class, Urban Unclaimed black marble arch
Lark's Hall - 9 Upper Class, Urban Paghd salt-stained ship's cabin door
Lark's Hall - 10 Upper Class, Urban Unclaimed sandalwood door
Lark's Hall - 11 Upper Class, Urban Unclaimed teak door
Owl's Hall - 12 Upper Class, Urban Unclaimed cedar door
Owl's Hall - 13 Upper Class, Urban Tarquin gold-inlaid mahogany door
Owl's Hall - 14 Upper Class, Urban Unclaimed salt-stained ship's cabin door