Milene's Rose Inn

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Milene's Rose Inn

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Milene's Rose
Province Ilithi
Justice Unknown
Town Shard
Map Ranik's Map 67
Owner Milene, Coryn
# of Rooms 10 + Premium Housing
Store Type Food shops, Drink shops
This store only accepts Dokoras

[Milene's Rose, Front Desk]
Gleaming dark wood compose the floor and walls here, and tiny roses have been carved into the satiny, varnished planks. Warm sunlight streams through the open doorway, alive with the dance of motes of dust. A black desk serviced by a young woman curves out of the east wall. Stairs lead up, a pattern of black roses woven into the blue carpeting that covers them. You also see a short flight of steps.
Obvious exits: west, out.

[Milene's Rose, Tavern]
Roomy and rectangular, the tavern for Milene's Rose is always busy, but strangely never so full that it becomes unbearably crowded. A booth in the corner allows for privacy, and a bar offers service for the thirsty and the hungry. There is little sign of disarray anywhere. You also see the publican.
Obvious exits: east.

Item Price Done
1 - Clear Water - Fresh from the river. 25   !!
2 - Rosehip Tea 25   !!
3 - Honeyed Milk - A drink for Paladins! 30   !!
Imports From Distant Lands:
Item Price Done
4 - Empire Brandy 335   !!
5 - Stone Clan Beer 35   !!
6 - Bloodtog Grog 45   !!
7 - Cinnamon Mead 35   !!
8 - Zombie's Revenge - Fit to wake the dead! 35   !!
9 - Honeywine 35   !!
10 - Silver Wine 35   !!
11 - Savrin's Grey Wine - (import) 50   !!
12 - Sweet Sherry - On the rocks with a twist of lemon. 35   !!
13 - Shorka's Venom 35   !!
14 - Milene's Special Brandy 100   !!
Item Price Done
15 - Sliced Raw Tuna 60   !!
16 - Roasted Vegetables 40   !!
17 - Grilled Garlic Shrimp 40   !!
18 - Wild Herb Salad 45   !!
19 - Taffelberry Torte 50   !!
20 - Spinach Quiche 40   !!
21 - Steamed Leek rolls - With a fine mustard-tarragon sauce for dipping 35   !!

[Milene's Rose, Private Booth]
Circular and featuring just the right compliment of shadows to light, comfortable seats, padded with blue velvet upholstery that features the signature black rose motif of Milene's, await those who enter here. The soft perfume of flowers drifts through the air, and a crisp midnight blue cloth of thick linen covers the tabletop.
Obvious exits: out.

[Milene's Rose, Wine Cellar]
Racks of wine and small crates featuring waxed cheese and tubers occupy much of this cellar. As with the rest of the inn, there is a definite presence of military orderliness in the neat rows of goods. Lanterns hang overhead, allowing light to fall down upon a desk pushed against the back. You also see the cellar stairs.
Obvious exits: none.

[Milene's Rose, Upstairs Landing]
This short hallway leads to the rooms of the Rose. A strip of blue carpeting runs down the floor, looking fresh and clean. A door of rosewood and a door of silverwillow face each other to the north and south, offering privacy for those who seek it. Stairs lead down to the light and clamor of the tavern proper.
Obvious exits: none.

[Milene's Rose, Rose Room]
Black roses edged in silver have been traced over the watered silk used to cover the walls, the faded rose hue of the fabric adding warm color to this spacious room. A window in the south wall is framed by thick silk curtains, and a four-poster rosewood bed framed with bedcurtains of white gossamer is positioned in the center of the room. The sweet scent of the inn's hallmark symbol rests lightly in the air, wafting from a sachet on the bed. A gleaming rosewood door leads back outside.
Obvious exits: none.

[Milene's Rose, Silver Room]
Roses are traced in black over the thin silver leaf paper that has been applied to the walls of this spacious room. Windows framed by long curtains of white gauze allow for all the kinds of light to slip through -- softly. A four-poster bed made from a frame of lovingly polished beech wood lies pushed up against the wall, its covers turned down. A hearth framed by grey bricks allows for coziness in the wintertime. Through the silverwillow door in the south wall lies the distant world left behind.
Obvious exits: none.


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Milene's Rose Inn
Location: Shard, Ilithi (RanikMap67)
Class / Type: Upper / Urban
Restrictions: None
Justice: city
Form: Door
Homes (Free): 3 (0)
Last Checked: 15 Aug 2022

Milene's Rose Inn.gif

Location Category Restrictions Owner Appearance
Back Hallway - 1 Upper Class, Urban Casvin jade-inlaid oak door
Back Hallway - 2 Upper Class, Urban Workz silverwood door elaborately carved with blooming vines
Back Hallway - 3 Upper Class, Urban Aeryne elegant ironwood door