Gilen Otso Steppes

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Gilen Otso Steppes
Location: Shard, Ilithi (RanikMap71)
Class / Type: Upper / Rural
Restrictions: Ranger
Justice: None
Form: Tree
Homes (Free): 11 (0)
Last Checked: 19 May 2019

Gilen Otso Steppes.gif

Location Category Restrictions Owner Appearance
Game Trail - 1 Upper Class, Rural Kivian thick white oak tree with long streamers of ghostly white beard moss hanging from its branches
Game Trail - 2 Upper Class, Rural Saracus scarred white oak tree
Game Trail - 3 Upper Class, Rural Gamalon giant white oak tree
Game Trail - 4 Upper Class, Rural Zephyria stately white oak tree with lush twining ivy winding up the trunk
Game Trail - 5 Upper Class, Rural Larre sturdy white oak tree
Game Trail - 6 Upper Class, Rural Pevon robust white oak tree
Game Trail - 7 Upper Class, Rural Nimthiriel mature white oak tree
Game Trail - 8 Upper Class, Rural Ranger Maltris lofty white oak tree
Game Trail - 9 Upper Class, Rural Ranger Etherian broad white oak tree with a couple of thorny bird's homes nestled within its branches
Game Trail - 10 Upper Class, Rural Ranger Quinlon tall white oak tree with its trunk wrapped in colorful ribbons
Game Trail - 11 Upper Class, Rural Ranger Azzalot robust white oak tree