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An alternative spelling of his name is Zhakrhhn.

A member of Farn's Company, which created the Zaulfung Stones.

From A Study of the Zaulfung Stones by High Mage Wosykaun Ervintralao

Zhakran-something, the S'Kra Mur, is a mystery to me. I witnessed an occasion where he stormed into the Great Hall in his black lacquered armor, actually *threw* his longsword (sheathed, thankfully) at the guards, and proceeded to curse (I assumed by his tone) the poor Empress in his native tongue for a full three minutes. The [lord?] in attendance was infuriated that this brute had interrupted his audience with the Empress. Merth just gave them both "that look" and very coldly and calmly answered the mage in the S'kra Mur tongue, after which he [strode/rode angrily?] out, forgetting his weapon. The next day he returned in proper Court attire and gave Merth a very formal and [sincere?] apology. He even swore personal fealty to her, which she accepted." (This is unusual, as a warrior would have sworn service to "the Empire and the Crown" rather than to the monarch, who was after all just another servant of the Empire.)