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This was written mostly because I got sick of seeing questions about Resurrection, well... everywhere. I've had the Advanced Techniques kicking around in the back of my head for a few years now, and I'd always meant to write it down. So here it is.


I do not cover any specifics that are explained in the relevant section. If you don't know what the states to Rejuvenation are, for instance, go look at the article itself. This tutorial is minimal.


Other Elanthipedia users are welcome to alter this document, or to move it to another location. I don't really care. Just add my name to the acknowledgements or something and add yours to it, too.

Essentials and Mechanics


  • Clerics can PERCEIVE <corpse>.
  • This tells you:
    • Number of favors.
    • Amount of time remaining before auto-depart.
    • Whether or not Soul Bonding has been cast.
    • The state of their memories.


  • Rejuvenation is a standard mana-to-power spell.
    • This means the higher you cast, the more memories you restore.
  • With sufficient Primary Magic skill, you can CAST ROOM which effects the spell on all corpses present.
  • Always verify that a corpse is in a silver state before Resurrecting them.
    • Resurrecting when a corpse is not silver results in a Devotion loss.

Soul Bonding

  • Soul Bonding is a standard mana-to-duration spell.
    • This means the higher you cast, the longer it sticks.
  • A soul must be bound to the corpse before you Resurrect it.
    • You cannot attempt a Resurrection without this; the game will stop you.


  • Resurrection is a held-mana spell.
    • This means that you must maintain a minimum amount of mana harnessed when the spell is active. That's 15.
    • You don't have to maintain this if you use Osrel Meraud.
  • Resurrection is used via the Infusion ability.
    • Every time you infuse the Resurrection spell matrix, you "see" the spirits of the dead in the room.
  • When you can see a spirit's name, you may GESTURE <player> to resurrect it.
    • If a spirit is Soul Bonded, you will additionally see a second sentence that reads:
      You see ethereal cords of silver tethering her soul to her body.
  • Again, if it's not "silver", don't raise. Unless you're feeling malicious and masochistic. In that case, have at it.


  • Vigil is not necessary.
  • It's considered a nice gesture, afterwards, and some people ask for it.
  • Casting Vigil on a corpse will delay the auto-depart time.
  • Casting Vigil on a corpse will also create a "Vigil conduit". More on this later.

Gotchas: Caveat Emptor

  • If you choose to Resurrect without Osrel Meraud, you risk the corpse slipping memories and bonding before you find their spirit.
    • Actually, you risk it no matter what, but if you aren't using Osrel Meraud, you can't cast any other spells after you've started infusing, unless you drop it.

Beginner Advice

  • Always use Osrel Meraud.
    • This makes it easier on Empaths, who have enough to worry about without you burning up your nerves.
    • This makes it easier on you, because you have enough to think about learning to juggle all three spells.
  • Keep an eye on your attunement, using MANA or HARNESS.
    • When using Osrel Meraud, remember that you can always wait between harnessing and infusing. You have time to restore your attunement. If they want you to hurry, glare at them hatefully and suggest they reroll into a Bard with Naga's Blessing.
  • If you have Persistence of Mana, cast it beforehand and wait for your Concentration to regenerate before doing any infusions.
  • If there are other Clerics present, and they know the Infusion ability, you can ask them for help. The syntax is under INFUSE HELP.

General Notes

Intermediate Advice

  • Play around with your limits. Most people seem to be able to infuse 10 mana when they first start out. With more Primary Magic and Harness Ability, you can infuse more. More means you raise faster.
  • Use cambrinth early on to mitigate attunement loss from casting Rejuvenation and Soul Bonding. This saves it for the more expensive Resurrection, during which other non-Cleric magic-users cannot help you harness.
  • When Resurrecting without the Osrel Meraud, buffer your harnessed mana a little in case you slip mana. 18 harnessed may be recommended.

Advanced Advice

  • You don't have to Resurrect in the same room as the corpse.
  • To reiterate: You do NOT have to Resurrect in the same room as the corpse.
  • In fact, you only need to spend 6 mana in the same room.
  • This is how:
  1. Find a good Holy mana room.
  2. Charge up your cambrinth to whatever your personal cap for Vigil is, minus 6.
  3. Go to the corpse. Cast Vigil using the cambrinth.
  4. Go back to the good mana room.
  5. Cast Rejuvenation as if you were in the same room.
  6. Cast Soul Bonding as if you were in the same room.
  7. Cast Resurrection and infuse about 100 mana. This is enough to find most people. If you feel like it, go to 200. Or 500. Whatever your heart desires. Or 50.
  8. Harness 5 mana.
  9. Go back to the corpse.
  10. INFUSE 5 REZZ to see whether or not you can see their spirit.
    1. If not, go back to the good mana room and continue infusing.
    2. If ready, then GESTURE and be done with it.
  • Even if you can't necessarily handle the creatures in the good mana room, you're a Cleric. You have awesome defensive spells, like Confound Enemies and Halo. Use them.
  • Infusing without Osrel Meraud is faster, by default. It is also harder for an inexperienced player. That's why it's filed under Advanced.