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Name Skill Season Time Special Conditions Terrain Body Part Healed
nilos grass 90 all all boreal forest, chaparral, coastal, deciduous forest external abdomen wounds

Recall Herb

You recall nilos grass is used to heal external abdomen injuries, and is generally found in boreal forests, deciduous Forests, chaparrals, and coastal areas.


  • Nilos grass is a stubby short grass with rounded leaves; it is light green, growing in poor soil and partial shade. Found year-round, it is a tender, almost tasteless, grass with almost no smell.[1]

Common Locations

This grass is often found with other grasses in open field areas.






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Other Notes

  • (old system) Dried and powdered it can be rubbed on specific wound locations in addition to being eaten. Doubling up the dose has not negative side effect (as long as it's eaten and rubbed).


ItemSource isRare item
Cluster of nilos grass constructed from greyish-green silkTildi's Flowers (6)Tildi's Flowers (4)Tildi's Flowers (1)
Item:Cluster of nilos grass constructed from greyish-green silk


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