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Name Skill Season Time Special Conditions Terrain Body Part Healed
plovik leaves 90 all all boreal forest, freshwater wetland, rainforest, savannah external chest wounds

Recall Herb

You recall plovik leaf is used to heal external chest injuries, and is generally found in freshwater wetlands, boreal forests, rainforests, and savannahs.


Plovik leaf is a forked leaf with many asymmetrical terminations, it has dark red veins. The leaf is such a dark green as to be almost black. It has a very bitter, sometimes salty, taste, with a slimy consistency.[1]

Common Locations

Plovik grows in wet damp areas like swamps and ponds.





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Other Notes

  • Dry to prepare.
  • (old system) Dried and powdered it can be rubbed on specific wound locations in addition to being eaten. Doubling up the dose has not negative side effect (as long as it's eaten and rubbed).
  • (old system) The potion is known as "Plovik Tea".


ItemSource isRare item
Platinum plovik leaf pendant trimmed with delicate white goldGuildly Pleasures
Soft yellow spidersilk cloak artistically embroidered with a basket of various herbsGuildly Pleasures
Soft yellow spidersilk haversack clasped with a detailed silver plovik leafGuildly Pleasures
Sturdy steel-banded buckler etched with a star-shaped cluster of plovik leavesChampren's Empath EmporiumEmpath Emporium (1)Empath Emporium (2)Empath Emporium (3)


  1. Healing Herbs (book)

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